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Casio Releases First 30th Anniversary G-SHOCK Models
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Historical of Casio
Year 2009 New Watch Series:
 G-Shock: GIEZ GS-1300 & GS-1300B Series (DEC) Oceanus: Tough Movement - OCW-S1400 Series (DEC)
 Oceanus: Tough Movement - OCW-T750TD Series (DEC) G-Shock: Master of G - FROGMAN Series (DEC)
 G-Shock: Standard Favorite - MULTIBAND 6 Series (DEC) G-Shock: MTG Tough Movement MTG-1100 Series (DEC)
 Edifice: Tachymeter & Rotatable inner ring Series (DEC) Edifice: Square face and dials Series (DEC)
 Sheen: Slim, feminine design Series (DEC) Standard Analog: Ladies' strap fashion-star motif & big face Series (DEC)
 Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRG-130Y) Series (DEC) G-Shock: G-SHOCK MAN BOX Series (DEC)
 Baby-G: Puppy's BG-1300PP Series (DEC) G-Shock: Multiband 6 - GW-6900A Series (DEC)
 G-Shock: MR. Cartoon and Todd Jordan COLLABORATION MODEL Series (DEC) Baby-G: Star motif, fashion-conscious woman Series (NOV)
 G-ms: Resin-and-metal, work-and-play women's watch Series (NOV) Standard Analog: Powerful Design Series (NOV)
 Edifice: Chronograph & Tachymeter Series (NOV) G-Shock: Standard Favorite Series (NOV)
 G Presents Lover's Collection Series (NOV) Beside: European Elegant Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: Vintage Colors Series (NOV) Standard Analog: Thick, Impressive bezel - Pair Model Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: G-LIDE - Precious Heart Selection Series (NOV) Edifice: EDIFICE GOLD LABEL Series (NOV)
 Edifice: Sebastian Vettel Limited Edition - EQW-M1000SV Series (OCT) Edifice: Chronograph EF-543D Series (OCT)
 Edifice: Edifice Sheen Pair Design Series (OCT) Sheen: Chronograph - Luxury Resort Series (OCT)
 Sheen: Inlaid star motif Series (OCT) Sheen: Rhinestones-studded Series (OCT)
 Sheen: Slim, feminine design Series (OCT) Standard Analog: Heart Motif Face Series (OCT)
 G-Shock: Crazy Colors Series (OCT) Baby-G: Gemmy Dial Series (OCT)
 Edifice: Chronograph - EFE-503D Series (OCT) Baby-G: Cloth band designs Series (SEP)
 Baby-G: Waterside Resorts Series (SEP) Baby-G: Gemmy Dial Series (SEP)
 Baby-G: 200m water resistant models Series (SEP) Baby-G: CASKET - Cool rock styling Series (SEP)
 Baby-G: Square Black Series (SEP) G-Shock: Men in Mat Black Series (SEP)
 G-Shock: G-LIDE Series (SEP) Edifice: Casualness and Elegance Series (SEP)
 Edifice: Black Collection Series (SEP) Standard Analog: His-and-hers pairs Series (SEP)
 Oceanus: Transpacific Yacht Race 2009 Winner's Edition Series (SEP) Edifice: Sebastian Vettel Limited Edition - EF-535SVSP Series (SEP)
 Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRW-2000) Series (SEP) Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRG-200) Series (SEP)
 Protrek: Ultra-Thin,Multiband 6 Limited Edition (PRX-2000YT Series (SEP) G-Shock: Multiband 6, Tide Graph and Moon phase - GW-7900 Series (SEP)
 G-Shock: Toughness G-7900 Series (AUG) G-Shock: Crazy Colors Series (AUG)
 G-Shock: NYC TYO Series (AUG) Edifice: Casualness and Elegance Series (AUG)
 Edifice: Sapphire Glass Series (AUG) Edifice: Multiband 6 EQW-M1000L Series (AUG)
 Outgear: Chronograph Dual Time Series (AUG) Outgear: Side Protector Series (AUG)
 Digital-Analog: Speed Indicator Series (AUG) Digital-Analog: Casual, Feminine Design Series (AUG)
 Standard Digital: 10-Year Battery Life Series (AUG) Baby-G: Summer Sunshine - Vivid colors Series (AUG)
 Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRG-130GC) Series (AUG) G-Shock: Gravity Defier - G-1500 Series (JUL)
 G-Shock: Tough Solar - G-5600A Series (JUL) G-Shock: Tough Solar G-6900A Series (JUL)
 G-Shock: C3 G-8100B Series (JUL) Baby-G: Reef Series (JUL)
 Baby-G: Autumn Colors Series (JUL) Edifice: Chronograph Series (JUL)
 Beside: Seasheel Face Series (JUL) Poptone: Electronic Game Display Series (JUL)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' METAL ANALOG Series (JUL) Data Bank: Popular Gold DB-520GA Series (JUL)
 Oceanus: Tough Movement - OCW-S1250TC Series (JUL) G-Shock: GIEZ GS-1050 Series (JUL)
 Edifice: Four Dials Show Series (JUL) Digital-Analog: Combination MTP-4700D Series (JUL)
 G-Shock: Gravity Defier - GW-2500 Series (JUN) G-Shock: Crazy Colors Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: MTG Tough Movement MTG-1500B Series (JUN) G-Shock: G-LIDE S.R.F. Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: Tough Solar Series (JUN) Sheen: Chronograph - Luxury Resort Series (JUN)
 Sheen: Star Motif Series (JUN) Edifice: Three-hand Timekeeping Series (JUN)
 Edifice: EDIFICE GOLD LABEL Series (JUN) Edifice: Sebastian Vettel ExclusiveL Series (JUN)
 Standard Analog: Diver Look Series (JUN) Digital-Analog: Analog-Digital Combination Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: Multiband 6 - GW-6900 Series (JUN) Oceanus: Tough Movement - OCW-T600 Series (MAY)
 G-Shock: G-LIDE Series (MAY) G-Shock: The G RISEMAN - G-9200MS Series (MAY)
 Baby-G: Reef Series (MAY) Edifice: Dynamic disk drive Series (MAY)
 Sheen: Star Motif Combination Series (MAY) Sheen: Star Motif - Cosmos Series (MAY)
 Beside: European Elegant - Square Face Series (MAY) Standard Analog: Diver Look Series (MAY)
 Standard Analog: His-and-hers pairs Series (MAY) G-Shock: 25th Anniversary - Master Blue Series (APR)
 Baby-G: CASKET - COOL SQUARES Series (APR) Baby-G: Gemmy Dial - Cute Circles Series (APR)
 Edifice: Round and Continental Design Series (APR) Sheen: Flagship model of 2009 Series (APR)
 Sheen: Star Motif Series (APR) G-Shock: MEN in Rusty Black Series (MAR)
 G-Shock: MAT BLACK RED EYE Series (MAR) G-Shock: GIEZ GS-1200B Series (MAR)
 G-Shock: Gravity Defier - GW-2000 Series (MAR) Baby-G: ROUND SLIM Series (MAR)
 Baby-G: Gemmy Dial - Heart motifs Series (MAR) G-ms: Modern Summer Fashions Series (MAR)
 Edifice: Multiband 6 Series (MAR) Outgear: Gear Motif Face Design Series (MAR)
 Standard Analog: Cute and Cool Series (MAR) G-Shock: MTG Tough Movement MTG-1500 Series (FEB)
 Oceanus: Tough Movement - Japan's Model Series (FEB) Edifice: CHRONOGRAPH Series (FEB)
 Edifice: Digital-Analog Combination Series (FEB) Sheen: Adult-Oriented Series (FEB)
 Sheen: Generous Rhinestones Bright Series (FEB) Standard Analog: LADIES' METAL ANALOG Series (FEB)
 Beside: Thin-looking Design Series (FEB) Beside: Ornamental Metal Face Series (FEB)
 Poptone: Block Puzzle Series (FEB) Outgear: SPORTS GEAR Series (FEB)
 G-Shock: Gravity Defier - G-1100 Series (FEB) G-Shock: MUDMAN motocross Series (FEB)
 Baby-G: Puppy's Vacances Series (FEB) Baby-G: Jewel Black Series (FEB)
 Oceanus: Tough Movement - International Model Series (FEB) Baby-G: Cloth band designs Series (JAN)
 G-Shock: MEN in Ice White Series (JAN) Edifice: 1/20-sec CHRONOGRAPH Series (JAN)
 Edifice: Color IP bezel Series (JAN) DURO: DURO200 Series (JAN)
 Standard Analog: STRAP FASHION Series (JAN) G-Shock: MultiBand 6 Tough Solar GW-M850 Series (JAN)
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