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Casio Releases First 30th Anniversary G-SHOCK Models
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Historical of Casio
Year 2019 New Watch Series:
 Baby-G: 25th Anniversary Model - BGD-525F-6 Series (DEC) Edifice: EFR-570DB, EFR-570BL Series (DEC)
 Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MRW-200HD Series (DEC) Standard Digital: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - DW-291H Series (DEC)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E164D, LTP-E164L Series (DEC) Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E165D, LTP-E165L Series (DEC)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E166D, LTP-E166GL Series (DEC) Standard Analog: Men' - MTP-V006D, MTP-V006G Series (DEC)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-V006D, LTP-V006G Series (DEC) Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-V007D, LTP-V007G, LTP-V007SG Series (DEC)
 Baby-G: Brilliantly color - BA-130 Series (NOV) Sheen: SHE-4533D, SHE-4533PG, SHE-4533PGL Series (NOV)
 Sheen: SHE-4057PG, SHE-4057PGL Series (NOV) Sheen: SHE-3068PG, SHE-3068SPG Series (NOV)
 Edifice: Premium Collection - ECB-900DB, ECB-900PB Series (NOV) Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-1374D, MTP-1374L Series (NOV)
 Standard Analog: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - MTS-100D, MTS-100L Series (NOV) Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-VD300D, MTP-VD300L Series (NOV)
 Standard Analog: Standard Analog Pair Model - MTP-V004D, LTP-V004D Series (NOV) G-Shock: Christmas color - Winter Premium Models Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: Purple-Pink Throwback 1990s Series (NOV) Baby-G: Purple-Pink Throwback 1990s Series (NOV)
 Baby-G: Colorful geometric patterns - BA-110TH Series (NOV) Baby-G: Christmas color - Winter Premium Model Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: Purple-Blue Throwback 1990s Series (NOV) G-Shock: Traditional Pattern - Bhutan Textile Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: MT-G Metal Camouflage - MTG-B1000DCM-1A Series (NOV) G-Shock: Limited Full-Metal Titanium with DLC Series (NOV)
 G Presents Lover's Collection - LOV-19A-7A Series (NOV) G Presents Lover's Collection - LOV-19B-1 Series (NOV)
 Baby-G: Pokémon Pikachu Model - BGD-560PKC-1 Series (NOV) G-Shock x Baby-G: Wildlife Promising Leopard Editions Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: G-SQUAD - GBA-800LU, GBD-800LU Series (NOV) Sheen: SHE-3806GL, SHE-3048PGL, SHE-3064PGL, SHE-3059PGL Series (OCT)
 Edifice: EFR-569DB, EFR-569DC, EFR-569BL Series (OCT) Edifice: EFV-590D, EFV-590L, EFV-590PB Series (OCT)
 G-Shock: Black and Red Series Series (OCT) G-Shock: G-STEEL - GST-B200X, GST-B200G Series (OCT)
 Baby-G: G-MS - MSG-S200G Series (OCT) Baby-G: OUTDOOR LIFESTYLE - BGA-260 Series (OCT)
 G-Shock: Color Skeleton Series - DW-5600SB Series (OCT) G-Shock: Navy and Rose Gold - AWR-M100SNR-2A Series (OCT)
 Protrek: Climber Line - PRW-50FC-1 Series (OCT) Protrek: Climber Line - PRW-50YAE-2 Series (OCT)
 Protrek: Climber Line - PRW-60YBM-1A Series (OCT) Edifice: Honda Racing Limited Edition - EQB-1000HRS Series (OCT)
 G-Shock: Antarctic Research ROV Collaboration Model - FROGM Series (OCT) G-Shock: MT-G - MTG-B1000XBD-1A, MTG-B1000XB-1A Series (OCT)
 Digital-Analog: GUNMETAL GRAY - A168WGG, AQ-230GG Series (SEP) G-Shock: G-SQUAD - GMA-B800 Series (SEP)
 Protrek: Climber Line Bluetooth - PRT-B50, PRT-B50FE Series (SEP) G-Shock: Square-Faced Digital - GM-5600/GM-5600B Series (SEP)
 Edifice: SUPER SLIM HIGH SPEC CHRONOGRAPH - EQB-1000D Series (AUG) Edifice: Retrograde chronograph - EFR-552SBK, EFR-540SBK Series (AUG)
 Sheen: SHE-4532PG, SHE-4532PGL Series (AUG) G-Shock: Black x Neon - GA-700BMC Series (AUG)
 G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure - GA-2100 Series (AUG) Baby-G: G-SQUAD - BSA-B100AC Series (AUG)
 G-Shock: S Series - GMA-S140 Series (AUG) Edifice: Slim series - EFR-S567D, EFR-S567DC Series (JUL)
 Edifice: Slim series - EFR-S107D, EFR-S107L Series (JUL) Sheen: SHE-4056PG, SHE-4056SPG, SHE-4056PGL Series (JUL)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E162D Series (JUL) Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E163D Series (JUL)
 Standard Digital: MARINE SPORTS GEAR - WS-1100H Series (JUL) Standard Digital: MARINE SPORTS GEAR - LWS-1100H Series (JUL)
 Baby-G: New round-face Design - BGD-570 Series (JUL) Baby-G: Beach Traveler Series - BGA-250 Series (JUL)
 G-Shock: GA Series - GA-140 Series (JUL) G-Shock: MUDMASTER - GG-B100 Series (JUL)
 Sheen: SHE-3061PG, SHE-3809PG Series (JUN) Edifice: Analog-Digital Combination - ERA-120DB Series (JUN)
 Edifice: SOLAR POWER & CARBON FIBER - EQS-900PB Series (JUN) Protrek: Climber Line - PRW-50Y Series (JUN)
 Baby-G: Beach fashions - BA-130 Series (JUN) Baby-G: AQUA PLANET COLLABORATION MODEL - BGA-250AQ-4A Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: EVERLAST collaboration model - GBA-800EL-4A Series (JUN) G-Shock x Baby-G Animal themed pair models 2019 Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: KANOA IGARASHI Signature Model-GLX-5600KI-7 Series (JUN) G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure - GA-2000S Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: Black aged IP finish - GMW-B5000V-1 Series (JUN) Standard Digital: Vintage Collection - A700W Series (MAY)
 Standard Digital: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - F-201WAM Series (MAY) Standard Digital: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - W-96H Series (MAY)
 Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-V300D, MTP-V300L Series (MAY) Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-V300D, LTP-V300L Series (MAY)
 Sheen: SHE-3067PG, SHE-3067PGL Series (MAY) Edifice: Countdown bezel - EFV-120DB, EFV-120BL Series (MAY)
 Edifice: Countdown bezel - EFR-566DB, EFR-566PB, EFR-566BL Series (MAY) Edifice: Solar Powered Chronograph - EFS-S550DB, S550PB Series (MAY)
 Protrek: Climber Line - PRW-60 Series (MAY) G-Shock: G-STEEL - GST-B200 Series (MAY)
 G-Shock: Hot Rock Sounds - DW-5900RS,GA-100RS Series (MAY) G-Shock: RED & BLACK series - GAS-100RB, GA-110RB Series (MAY)
 G-Shock: G-LIDE - GLX-6900SS Series (MAY) G-Shock x Baby-G: G-LIDE - GLX-5600VH, BLX-560VH Series (MAY)
 Baby-G: G-MS - MSG-C100, MSG-C100G Series (MAY) Standard Digital: 7-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - W-217HM Series (MAY)
 Digital-Analog: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - HDC-700 Series (MAY) G-Shock: Metallic Mirror Face Series - DW-5600BBM,DW-5700BB Series (MAY)
 Baby-G: Beach fashions - BA-120T, BA-120TG Series (MAY) Baby-G: G-LIDE 25th Anniversary Model - BAX-125-2 Series (MAY)
 G-Shock: RED & BLACK series - GW-M5610RB, AWG-M100SRB Series (MAY) G-Shock: MT-G Rainbow IP - MTG-B1000RB-2A Series (MAY)
 Protrek: Multi Field Line Carbon Edition - PRW-7000X-1 Series (MAY) G-Shock: G-LIDE - GWX-5700SS, GWX-5700SSN Series (MAY)
 Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-SW340D Series (APR) Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG - ZODIAC MOTIF Series (APR)
 Baby-G: G-LIDE - BLX-570 Series (APR) G-Shock: ORIGIN - GMW-B5000G Series (APR)
 G-Shock: GRAVITYMASTERR Limited Edition Model - GWR-B1000X Series (APR) Edifice: SCUDERIA TORO ROSSO LIMITED EDITION - ECB-900TR Series (APR)
 Edifice: SCUDERIA TORO ROSSO LTD - EQS-920TR, EFR-564TR Series (APR) Sheen: SHE-3046PG, SHE-3047PG Series (APR)
 G-Shock: RANGEMAN Extreme Survival Fitness - GPR-B1000 Series (APR) Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-V005 Series (MAR)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG - LTP-V005 Series (MAR) Sheen: SHE-4055PG, SHE-4055PGL Series (MAR)
 Edifice: Premium Collection - ECB-900 Series (MAR) Protrek: NAVY BLUE SERIES - PRG-600YB, PRG-650Y Series (MAR)
 G-Shock: SHICHI-FUKU-JIN Series - GBD-800SLG-3 Series (MAR) Baby-G: G-LIDE - BAX-100 Series (MAR)
 Baby-G: Summertime pastel colors - BGA-230PC Series (MAR) G-Shock: Blue Note Records Collaboration Model Series (MAR)
 G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure - GA-2000 Series (MAR) G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure - GWR-B1000 Series (MAR)
 G-Shock: Clear Skeleton Series (MAR) G-Shock: 90's color Series (MAR)
 G-Shock: Metallic Accent Color Rose Gold Series (FEB) G-Shock: HERITAGE - GW-B5600HR-1 Series (FEB)
 Baby-G: Spring blossom colors - BG-169M Series (FEB) Edifice: Additional colors for EFV-570, EFV-550 Series (FEB)
 Standard Analog: MQ-24D, MQ-24G, MQ-24M, MQ-24MG Series (FEB) Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-1290BL, MTP-1291BL Series (FEB)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E160 Series (FEB) G-Shock: S Series - GMA-S120MF, GMA-S130PA Series (FEB)
 G-Shock: WILDLIFE PROMISING Collaboration - GG-1000WLP-1A Series (FEB) G-Shock: WILDLIFE PROMISING Collaboration - GR-B100WLP Series (FEB)
 Baby-G: WILDLIFE PROMISING Collaboration - BA-255WLP Series (FEB) G-Shock: SHICHI-FUKU-JIN Series - GX-56SLG-1 Series (FEB)
 G-Shock: SHICHI-FUKU-JIN Series - DW-5700SLG-7 Series (FEB) G-Shock: G-STEEL - GST-S330L, GST-S300GL Series (FEB)
 G-Shock: G-SQUAD - GBD-800UC, GBA-800UC Series (FEB) Baby-G: G-SQUAD - BSA-B100SC Series (FEB)
 G-Shock: MT-G - MTG-B1000BD, MTG-B1000D Series (FEB) Edifice: Black Series and Gray Series (JAN)
 Sheen: SHE-3048PG, SHE-4034PG Series (JAN) Sheen: SHE-3034GL, SHE-3046GLP, SHE-3056PGL, SHE-3058PGL Series (JAN)
 Standard Digital: STEP TRACKER Series (JAN) Standard Digital: LAP MEMORY 60 Series (JAN)
 Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MRW-220HCM Series (JAN) Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG - LRW-200H Series (JAN)
 Standard Analog: HIS AND HERS FASHIONG - MTP-VT01, LTP-VT01 Series (JAN) Standard Analog: HIS AND HERS FASHIONG - MTP-E159, LTP-E159 Series (JAN)
 Baby-G: 25th Anniversary Model - BGD-525 Series (JAN) G-Shock: MT-G - MTG-B1000 Series (JAN)
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