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Casio Releases First 30th Anniversary G-SHOCK Models
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Historical of Casio
Year 2005 New Watch Series:
 Sheen: Business and formal wear Series (DEC) Digital-Analog: 10-Year Battery Series (DEC)
 Outgear: Marine Gear (10-Year Battery) Series (DEC) Outgear: Marine Gear (Brillianly colored Diver styled) Series (DEC)
 Standard Analog: Back-to-the-basic (MTP-1270 & MTP-1271) Series (DEC) Standard Analog: Back-to-the-basic (MTP-1272 & MTP-1273) Series (DEC)
 Standard Analog: Metal Fashion (dressing elegance design) Series (DEC) Standard Analog: Metal Fashion (flash brilliance) Series (DEC)
 G-Shock: Japan Domestic Models 2005 Series (DEC) G-Shock: NISMO Collaboration Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: Kawasaki Racing Team Collaboration Series (NOV) G Presents Lover's Collection Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: C3 G-8000 Series (NOV) G-Shock: Youth Culture Theme Series (NOV)
 Baby-G: Black Denim & Leopard Pattern Series (NOV) Baby-G: Black Color Series (NOV)
 Baby-G: Stripe Pattern Band Series (NOV) Edifice: EF-507D Series (NOV)
 Edifice: 1/20-second Chronograph Series (NOV) Data Bank: Multi-Lingual Series (NOV)
 Data Bank: 10-Year Battery Series (NOV) Standard Analog: Sunburst Face Series (NOV)
 Standard Analog: Metal (10-Year battery) Series (NOV) Standard Analog: Ladies Bracelet Series (NOV)
 Standard Analog: Ladies Strap Fashion Series (NOV) DURO: DURO200 Series (OCT)
 DURO: Ladies Diver Look Series (OCT) Beside: Annual Calendar (Round) Series (OCT)
 Beside: Annual Calendar (Square) Series (OCT) Baby-G: British Style Band Series (OCT)
 Baby-G: Ice and Snow Series (OCT) Baby-G: Puppy Series (OCT)
 Standard Digital: 10-Year Battery Series (SEP) Sheen: Multi-hand Series (SEP)
 Active Dial: Ladies Digital-Analog Series (SEP) PHYS: LAP Memory 60 Series (SEP)
 Sheen: Super Illuminator Series (SEP) Baby-G: Squre Face Series (SEP)
 Baby-G: Standard BG-191 Series (SEP) G-Shock: C3 G-8000 Series (SEP)
 G-ms: Standard Series (SEP) Sheen: SHN-1001 Series (SEP)
 Sheen: SHN-1000 Series (SEP) G-Shock: Cockpit Series (AUG)
 G-Shock: Youth Culture Theme (Black Color) Series (AUG) G-Shock: Youth Culture Theme Series (AUG)
 G-Shock: Standard Series (AUG) G-ms: Standard Series (AUG)
 Baby-G: Laid back color models Series (AUG) Baby-G: Cloth Band Series (AUG)
 PHYS: Heart Rate Monitor Series (AUG) G-Shock: 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Series (AUG)
 Active Dial: 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Series (AUG) Active Dial: Digital-Analog Combination Series (AUG)
 Active Dial: Ladies Digital-Analog Series (AUG) Standard Analog: Gold tone & Ion plated Series (AUG)
 Standard Analog: Ladies Bracelet Series (AUG) Baby-G: G-LIDE Series (JUL)
 DURO: MSY-500 Series (JUL) DURO: MSY-501 Series (JUL)
 DURO: MSY-700 Series (JUL) Edifice: EF-314 Series (JUL)
 Edifice: EF-315 Series (JUL) Outgear: Fishing Gear Series (JUL)
 Outgear: Hunting Timer Series (JUL) Standard Analog: MTF-100 Series (JUL)
 Standard Analog: MTF-101 Series (JUL) Standard Analog: MTF-102 Series (JUL)
 Standard Analog: MTF-300 Series (JUL) Digital-Analog: 10-Year Battery Life Series (JUL)
 Data Bank: Standard Series (JUL) Beside: Chronograph BEL-500D Series (JUL)
 Beside: Chronograph BEM-500D Series (JUL) Baby-G: Standard (BG1202) Series (JUN)
 G-Shock & Baby-G: Dolphin & Whale Series (JUN) Baby-G: Standard Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: Youth Culture Theme Series (JUN) G-Shock: Street Art Series (JUN)
 Edifice: EFA-115 Series (JUN) Edifice: EFA-116 Series (JUN)
 Standard Digital: Sporty (Tide Graph) Series (JUN) Standard Analog: LTP-1250 Series (JUN)
 Standard Analog: LTP-1251 Series (JUN) Standard Analog: LTP-1252 Series (JUN)
 Standard Digital: LB611 & LA670 Series (JUN) Baby-G: Standard (BG1201) Series (MAY)
 G-Shock: G-LIDE Series (MAY) Baby-G: Reef Series (MAY)
 G-ms: Ring Series (MAY) Baby-G: Square Face Series (MAY)
 Edifice: Chronograph 504D_505D Series (MAY) Baby-G: Stripe Pattern Band Series (APR)
 Baby-G: Jamaican Colors Theme Series (APR) G-Shock: G-LiDE Series (APR)
 G-Shock: Vibration Alarm Series (APR) G-Shock: Vibration Alarm (G-Lide) Series (APR)
 PHYS: STR-300S Series (MAR) G-Shock: Youth Culture Theme Series (MAR)
 PROTREK: Triple Sensor (PRG-80) Series (MAR) G-Shock: Cockpit (Black and Silver Color) Series (FEB)
 G-Shock: Cockpit Series (FEB) G-Shock: Tough Solar Series (FEB)
 G-ms: Standard Series (FEB) Baby-G: Square Face Series (FEB)
 PHYS: STR-800 Series (JAN) G-Shock: Youth Culture Theme Series (JAN)
 PHYS: Pulse Monitor Series (JAN)
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