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Casio Releases First 30th Anniversary G-SHOCK Models
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Historical of Casio
Year 2012 New Watch Series:
 G-Shock: Gravity Defier GW-A1000FC Series (DEC) G-Shock: 30th Anniversary Limited Edition - G-8900DGK-7 Series (DEC)
 G-Shock: Metallic Shadow - GA-300 Series (DEC) Standard Analog: LADIES standard Analog - LRW-250H Series (DEC)
 Standard Analog: LADIES - LTP-1366D, LTP-1367D, LTP-1368D Series (DEC) Sheen: SHE-3802D, SHE-3802L, SHE-3802GL Series (NOV)
 Baby-G: KE$HA collaboration model - BGA-160KS-7B Series (NOV) Baby-G: Neon Illuminator - BGA-300, BGA-301 Series (NOV)
 Baby-G: Girls’ Generation collaboration Series (NOV) Baby-G: Shiny Dial Series - BGD-141 Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: Multiband 6 Classical - GW-M5610 Series (NOV) G-Shock: Navy Blue Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: G-LIDE - GLS-100 Series (NOV) G-Shock: 30th Anniversary Gravity Defier GW-A1030A-1A Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: 30th Anniversary BURTON GDF-100BTN-1 Series (NOV) G Presents Lover's Collection Series (NOV)
 Edifice: ACTIVE RACING LINE - EF-343 Series (NOV) Sheen: CRUISE LINE - SHE-5513L Series (NOV)
 Sheen: SHE-5018L, SHE-4028 Series (NOV) Standard Analog: Refreshingly simple design - MTP-1365D Series (NOV)
 Standard Analog: LADIES, Refreshingly simple design - LTP-1365D Series (NOV) Digital-Analog: Sports Gear, Twin Sensor - SGW-500HD Series (NOV)
 G-Shock: Luxurious Crocodie Texture- DW-6900CR Series (OCT) G-Shock: 30TH ANNIVERSARY - ERIC HAZE GA-110EH-8A Series (OCT)
 G-Shock: Color Vintage Series - G-001CB Series (OCT) G-Shock: Rose gold color accented model - GAC-100RG Series (OCT)
 G-Shock: Navy Blue GW-7900NV, GW-8900NV, GW-M5610NV, AWG-M1 Series (OCT) Baby-G: Baby-G: Colorful Combination - BGA-141 Series (OCT)
 Protrek: Camouflage Pattern Belt- PRG-550B-5, PRG-240R-5 Series (OCT) Oceanus: Smart Access Model - OCW-S2400, OCW-OCW-S2400PG Series (OCT)
 Edifice: Active Racing line - EFR-523 Series (OCT) Edifice: Edifice Sheen Pair Design Series (OCT)
 Sheen: SHE-3024, SHE-3025 Series (OCT) Sheen: Tonneau-shaped case looks - SHE-4027D Series (OCT)
 Sheen: CRUISE LINE, Ceramic Bezel - SHE-4505D Series (OCT) Sheen: CRUISE LINE, Ceramic Bezel - SHE-5517D Series (OCT)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG - LTP-1362,LTP-1363,LTP-13 Series (OCT) Standard Analog: Unique Face Design - MTP-1350 Series (OCT)
 Standard Analog: MTP-1351, MTP-1352, MTP-1353, MTP-1354 Series (OCT) G-Shock: CLOT Collaboration Model - DW-6900CL-4 Series (OCT)
 G-Shock: Japan Domestic Models 2012 Series (SEP) G-Shock: Analog 1/20-second chronograp GAC-100 Series (SEP)
 G-Shock: Gravity Defier - Triple G Resist GA-A1000A Series (SEP) G-Shock: Wide-face design - GD-110 Series (SEP)
 Baby-G: DW-6900 model Baby-G version - BG-6900, BG-6901 Series (SEP) Edifice: Action Racing Link - EF-342D Series (SEP)
 Edifice: Magnetic resistant - EFA-135D Series (SEP) Edifice: Active Racing Line, Smart Access, EQS-A500 Series (SEP)
 Edifice: Red Bull Racing Limited Edition - EQS-A500RB Series (SEP) Standard Analog: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - AE-1200WH Series (SEP)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG - LTP-1360,LTP-1361 Series (SEP) Digital-Analog: PRAYER COMPASS - TWIN SENSOR, CPW-500H Series (SEP)
 Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRG-S510,PRG-550BD,PRG-250BD) Series (SEP) G-Shock: Metallic finish face - DW-6900MF, GA-150MF Series (AUG)
 G-Shock: Rose Gold Color Accented Model-GA-110RG, GA-120RG Series (AUG) G-Shock: Gravity Defier - GW-3500B, GW-4000 Series (AUG)
 Baby-G: Rose gold color accented model- BG-169G Series (AUG) Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRG-505T) Series (AUG)
 Protrek: Triple Sensor, Wave ceptor (PRW-5050T) Series (AUG) Oceanus: Smart Access Model-OCW-T1000F and OCW-S100F Series (AUG)
 Edifice: Red Bull Racing Limited Edition - EFR-520RB Series (AUG) Edifice: Chronograph - EF-133D, EFR-521D, EFR-522D Series (AUG)
 Beside: Chronograph - BEM-508, BEM-509 Series (AUG) Standard Analog: DIVER LOOK - MTD-1073 Series (AUG)
 Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG - LTP-1358,LTP-1359 Series (AUG) Standard Analog: LADIES STANDARD DIGITAL Series (AUG)
 Protrek: Triple Sensor, Wave ceptor (PRW-5100) Series (JUL) Standard Analog: LTP-1353, LTP-1354 Series (JUL)
 Standard Digital: Retro design - W-202, B640WD, B640WC Series (JUL) Edifice: Solar powered, NEO Bright - EFB-503 Series (JUL)
 Edifice: EFB-100D, EFB-300D, EFB-500D Series (JUL) Sheen: Pink gold and pink face design Series (JUL)
 Baby-G: G-LIDE BLX-103 Series (JUL) Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRG-250) Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: G-LIDE GLX-150, GWX-8900 Series (JUN) G-Shock: Garish Black Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: Garish Black - Wave Ceptor Series (JUN) G-Shock: Man in Earth Tone Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: Gravity Defier - Triple G Resist Series (JUN) G-Shock: G-LIDE x In4mation - GLX-150X-7 Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: Maharishi, limited edition - GA-110MH-7A Series (JUN) Standard Digital: SPORTY DIGITAL Series (JUN)
 Standard Analog: LADIES Diver LOOK Series (JUN) Standard Analog: LADIES Diver LOOK Series (JUN)
 Standard Analog: Simple, easy-to-use - MTP-1344 Series (JUN) Standard Analog: MTP-1345, MTP-1346, MTP-1347 Series (JUN)
 Sheen: Fine resin bracelet - SHE-3023 Series (JUN) Sheen: CRUISE LINE, Solar Powered - SHE-3501SBD Series (JUN)
 Sheen: Fine resin bracelet - SHE-4024 Series (JUN) Sheen: Solar Powered- SHE-4025SB, SHE-4026SB Series (JUN)
 Oceanus: Smart Access Model - OCW-T1010 Series (JUN) Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRX-7001T) Series (JUN)
 G-Shock: Rastafarian - Reggae styles Series (MAY) Baby-G: Adult-oriented design - BGA-153, BGA-152 Series (MAY)
 Baby-G: Neon Illumination models - BGA-160 Series (MAY) Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRG-550) Series (MAY)
 Edifice: Chronograph - EFR-519 Series (MAY) Edifice: Chronograph - EFR-520 Series (MAY)
 Edifice: Smart Access - EQW-A1110D Series (MAY) Oceanus: Smart Access Model - OCW-S2000 Series (APR)
 G-Shock: Metal-like finish - DW-6900HM Series (APR) G-Shock: Breezy Colors Series (APR)
 Baby-G: G-LIDE Series (APR) G-Shock: GA-150A Series (APR)
 Sheen: Cruise line, SHE-3500, SHE-4501 Series (APR) Sheen: Cruise line - SHE-4502SBG,SHE-4503SBD Series (APR)
 Sheen: SHE-4024, SHE-3023 Series (APR) G-Shock: Men in Military Colors Series (APR)
 G-Shock: MTG Tough Movement MTG-1200 Series (APR) Baby-G: Neon Illumination models - BGA-134 Series (APR)
 Standard Analog: LADIES - LTP-1343, LTP-1344 Series (APR) G-Shock: G-SHOCK MAN BOX GD-100PS-3JR Series (MAR)
 G-Shock: GA-110EV-6AJR Series (MAR) G-Shock: New hand movement function - AWR-M100 Series (MAR)
 Baby-G: New big-face design - BGA-150 Series (MAR) Digital-Analog: SOLAR POWERED - AQ-S810 Series (MAR)
 Data Bank: 30 page Telememo - DBC-380 Series (MAR) Standard Analog: LADIES STANDARD ANALOG Series (MAR)
 G-Shock: Big-face analog-digital GA-150 Series (MAR) Edifice: Wave ceptor model-EQW-T610, EQW-T720 Series (MAR)
 Edifice: Wave ceptor model-EQW-T1010 Series (MAR) Oceanus: Smart Access Model - OCW-S100 Series (MAR)
 G-Shock: Metal-like finish - DW-6900MR Series (FEB) G-Shock: Monotone designs - black adn white Series (FEB)
 Baby-G: Monotone designs - black adn white Series (FEB) G-Shock: New hand movement function - AWG-M100 Series (FEB)
 Edifice: Large, easy-to-read Arabic numerals - EF-132 Series (FEB) Beside: Multiple hands, Retrograde - BEM-308,BEM-309 Series (FEB)
 Data Bank: 25 page Telememo - DBC-611 Series (FEB) Standard Digital: CASIO SOLAR POWERED - HDD-S100 Series (FEB)
 Standard Analog: DIVER LOOK - MTD-1072 Series (FEB) Standard Analog: Simple, use-to-use - MTP-1342L, MTP-1343L Series (FEB)
 Standard Analog: LADIES STANDARD ANALOG Series (FEB) Standard Analog: LADIES' DIVER LOOK - LRW-200H Series (FEB)
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