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Year 2020 News
[2020-DEC] Standard Analog: MEN'S Series (DEC)
-MTP-VD300G-1E, MTP-VD300G-9E, MTP-VD300SG-1E, MTP-VD300GL-1E
[2020-NOV] Sheen: SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL Series (NOV)
-SHE-4541CG-7A, SHE-4541CGL-4A, SHE-4541BL-1A
[2020-NOV] Standard Analog: MEN'S Series (NOV)
-MTP-1215SG-1B3, MTP-1215SG-7B3
[2020-NOV] Standard Analog: MEN'S Series (NOV)
-MTP-1302SG-1B3V, MTP-1302SG-7B3V
[2020-NOV] Standard Analog: LADIES Series (NOV)
-LTP-E154B-1A, LTP-E154MR-1A, LTP-E154MPG-4A, LTP-E154MR-9A
[2020-OCT] Sheen: SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL Series (OCT)
-SHE-4540CGM-4A, SHE-4540M-7A, SHE-4540CGL-7A, SHE-4540CGL-9A
[2020-OCT] Sheen: SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL Series (OCT)
-SHE-4539CGM-4A, SHE-4539M-7A, SHE-4539CGL-1A, SHE-4539CGL-7A
-AMW-870D-1AV, AMW-870-1AV
[2020-OCT] Standard Analog: MEN'S - Gradation color face Series (OCT)
-MTP-E330D-2AV, MTP-E330D-5AV, MTP-E330L-3AV, MTP-E330L-5AV
[2020-OCT] Standard Analog: MEN'S - Gradation color face Series (OCT)
-MTP-E180D-2AV, MTP-E180D-3AV, MTP-E180L-2AV, MTP-E180L-5AV
[2020-OCT] Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-E172D, MTP-E172 Series (OCT)
-MTP-E172D-1AV, MTP-E172-1AV
[2020-OCT] Standard Analog: MEN'S Sporty design Series (OCT)
-MTP-E173B-1AV, MTP-E173D-7AV, MTP-E173BL-1AV, MTP-E173RL-5AV, MTP-E173L-7AV
[2020-OCT] Standard Analog: MEN'S Minimal design Series (OCT)
-MTP-E175MB-1EV, MTP-E175M-2EV, MTP-E175D-1EV, MTP-E175D-2EV, MTP-E175L-1EV, MTP-E175BL-2EV
[2020-OCT] Standard Analog: LADIES'S Minimal design Series (OCT)
-LTP-E175M-1EV, LTP-E175MG-9EV, LTP-E175D-4EV, LTP-E175G-7EV, LTP-E175L-2EV, LTP-E175L-5EV
[2020-SEP] Standard Digital: MEN'S 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE Series (SEP)
-MWD-100HD-1AV, MWD-100H-1AV, MWD-100H-2AV, MWD-100H-9AV
[2020-SEP] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series (SEP)
-MTP-E321B-1AV, MTP-E321D-1AV, MTP-E321M-2AV, MTP-E321L-1AV, MTP-E321RL-2AV, MTP-E321RL-5AV
[2020-SEP] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series (SEP)
-MTP-E320D-9EV, MTP-E320M-2EV, MTP-E320L-5EV, MTP-E320RL-1EV, MTP-E320RL-2EV
[2020-SEP] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series (SEP)
-MTP-E171M-1EV, MTP-E171M-2EV, MTP-E171BL-1EV, MTP-E171L-2EV, MTP-E171L-5EV, MTP-E171RL-1EV
[2020-AUG] Standard Analog: MEN'S METAL COVERED Series (AUG)
-MWA-100HD-1AV, MWA-100H-1AV, MWA-100H-2AV
[2020-AUG] Standard Digital: MEN'S 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE Series (AUG)
-W-737H-1A2V, W-737H-1AV, W-737H-2AV
[2020-AUG] Standard Analog: MEN'S Series (AUG)
-MTP-E170D-1BV, MTP-E170B-1BV, MTP-E170L-1BV, MTP-E170BL-1BV
[2020-AUG] Standard Analog: MEN'S 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE Series (AUG)
-MTS-110D-1AV, MTS-110D-2AV, MTS-110D-7AV, MTS-110L-1AV, MTS-110L-2AV, MTS-110L-7AV
[2020-AUG] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION Series (AUG)
-LTP-E412D-2A, LTP-E412PG-4A, LTP-E412MGB-1A, LTP-E412MPG-1A, LTP-E412PL-2A, LTP-E412RL-5A
[2020-AUG] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION Series (AUG)
-LTP-E413PG-2A, LTP-E413MB-1A, LTP-E413MR-9A, LTP-E413PL-7A, LTP-E413RL-5A
[2020-AUG] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION Series (AUG)
-LTP-E414D-1A, LTP-E414R-7A, LTP-E414MPG-2A, LTP-E414MB-1A, LTP-E414RL-5A, LTP-E414PL-5A
[2020-AUG] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION Series (AUG)
-LTP-E415PG-1C, LTP-E415M-7C, LTP-E415MR-7C, LTP-E415MBR-1C, LTP-E415GRL-1C, LTP-E415RL-2C
[2020-AUG] Standard Analog: MEN'S Series (AUG)
-MTP-VT01D-1B2, MTP-VT01D-2B2, MTP-VT01G-1B2, MTP-VT01G-2B2, MTP-VT01GL-1B2, MTP-VT01GL-2B2, MTP-VT01L-1B2, MTP-VT01L-2B2
[2020-AUG] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION Series (AUG)
-LTP-VT01D-4B2, LTP-VT01D-2B2, LTP-VT01G-4B, LTP-VT01G-2B, LTP-VT01GL-2B, LTP-VT01GL-4B, LTP-VT01L-2B2, LTP-VT01L-5B
[2020-JUL] Sheen: SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL Series (JUL)
-SHE-4538PG-4A, SHE-4538D-7A, SHE-4538GL-7A, SHE-4538GL-7B
[2020-JUL] Standard Analog: LADIES Series (JUL)
-LTP-E411M-7A, LTP-E411MR-7A, LTP-E411MSR-7A, LTP-E411RL-7A
[2020-JUN] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals Series (JUN)
-SHE-3069PG-2A, SHE-3069PG-9A, SHE-3069SPG-7A, SHE-3069SG-4A
[2020-JUN] Sheen: Mother of pearl dial Series (JUN)
-SHE-4060PG-4A, SHE-4060SG-7A, SHE-4060PGL-4A, SHE-4060GL-9A
[2020-JUN] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals Series (JUN)
-SHE-4535YPG-2A, SHE-4535YPG-7A, SHE-4535YD-2A, SHE-4535YGL-9A
[2020-JUN] G-Shock: G-STEEL Series (JUN)
-GST-B300-1A, GST-B300S-1A, GST-B300SD-1A, GST-B300E-5A
[2020-JUN] G-Shock: Psychedelic pattern face Series (JUN)
-DW-5900DN-1, DW-5900DN-3, DW-5610DN-9, DW-5600DN-7
-DW-5600TGA-9, DW-6900TGA-9
[2020-JUN] Baby-G: G-SQUAD Series (JUN)
-BSA-B100MC-4A, BSA-B100MC-8A, BSA-B100MT-1A
[2020-JUN] Baby-G: Decora fashions Series (JUN)
-BA-110TM-1A, BA-110TM-7A
[2020-MAY] G-Shock: G-LIDE Series (MAY)
-GBX-100-1, GBX-100-2, GBX-100-7
[2020-MAY] G-Shock: Fluorescent Yellow Series (MAY)
-GW-B5600DC-1, AWR-M100SDC-1A, GA-140DC-1A, GA-700DC-1A, GA-800DC-1A
[2020-MAY] G-Shock: Semi-transparent - fluorescent colors Series (MAY)
-DW-5600LS-2, DW-5600LS-7, DW-6900LS-1, DW-6900LS-2, GA-110LS-1A, GA-110LS-7A
[2020-MAY] Baby-G: G-MS Solar powered Series (MAY)
-MSG-S500G-2A, MSG-S500G-7A2
[2020-MAY] Baby-G: Sea glass like look Series (MAY)
-BA-110SC-2A, BA-110SC-4A, BA-110SC-7A
[2020-MAY] Baby-G: 80s color Series (MAY)
-BGD-560BC-7, BGD-560BC-9, BGD-570BC-3, BGD-570BC-4
[2020-APR] G-Shock: G-SQUAD Series (APR)
-GBD-100-1A7, GBD-100-1, GBD-100-2
[2020-APR] Baby-G: Beach Traveler Series (APR)
-BGA-250-1A3, BGA-250-2A2
[2020-APR] Standard Analog: LADIES Series (APR)
-LTP-E169D-1B, LTP-E169D-2B, LTP-E169D-7B, LTP-E169G-9B, LTP-E169R-9B, LTP-E169RB-1B
[2020-APR] Standard Analog: LADIES Series (APR)
-LTP-E168D-1B, LTP-E168D-2B, LTP-E168D-7B, LTP-E168G-9B, LTP-E168R-9B, LTP-E168RB-1B
[2020-APR] Standard Analog: LADIES Series (APR)
-LTP-E167D-1A, LTP-E167D-9A, LTP-E167D-7A, LTP-E167L-1A, LTP-E167L-4A, LTP-E167L-7A
[2020-APR] Standard Analog: LADIES Series (APR)
-LTP-E157MG-3A, LTP-E157MG-9A, LTP-E157MGB-1B, LTP-E157MRB-1B
[2020-MAR] Baby-G: PROTECTION design Series (MAR)
-BGA-270-1A, BGA-270-2A, BGA-270-4A, BGA-270M-7A
[2020-MAR] Baby-G: Ice cream hues color Series (MAR)
-BA-110PI-2A, BA-110PI-4A
[2020-MAR] Baby-G: G-MS Solar powered Series (MAR)
-MSG-S500-7A, MSG-S500G-1A, MSG-S500G-7A, MSG-S500CD-7A, MSG-S500CG-1A
[2020-MAR] Protrek: Climber Line Bluetooth Series (MAR)
-PRT-B50T-7, PRT-B50YT-1
[2020-MAR] Protrek: Caving-themed timepieces Series (MAR)
-PRG-600YB-1, PRG-650YL-3
[2020-MAR] Edifice: Smartphone Link Series (MAR)
-ECB-10PB-1A, ECB-10DB-1A, ECB-10P-1A, ECB-10D-2A, ECB-10DC-1A
[2020-MAR] Standard Digital: Calculator Series (MAR)
-CA-53WF-1B, CA-53WF-2B, CA-53WF-3B, CA-53WF-4B, CA-53WF-8B
[2020-MAR] Standard Digital: Transparent band design Series (MAR)
-F-91WS-2, F-91WS-4, F-91WS-7, F-91WS-8
[2020-MAR] Standard Digital: Glitter face design Series (MAR)
-B640WBG-1B, B640WDG-7, B640WGG-9, B640WCG-5
-BGA-260SC-1A, BGA-260SC-4A
[2020-FEB] G-Shock: GA Series (FEB)
-GA-140GB-1A1, GA-140GB-1A2, GA-140GM-1A1
[2020-FEB] G-Shock: UTILITY COLOR Series (FEB)
-GA-2100SU-1A, GA-2110SU-3A, GA-2110SU-9A
[2020-FEB] G-Shock: UTILITY COLOR Series (FEB)
-GA-2000SU-1A, GA-2000SU-2A
[2020-FEB] G-Shock: UTILITY COLOR Series (FEB)
-DW-5610SU-3, DW-5610SU-8, DW-5610SUS-5
[2020-FEB] G-Shock: G-STEEL Series (FEB)
-GST-B100B-1A3, GST-B100B-1A4
[2020-FEB] G-Shock: G-SQUAD Series (FEB)
-GBA-800SF-1A, GBD-800SF-1
[2020-FEB] G-Shock: Metal Covered Series (FEB)
-GM-6900-1, GM-6900B-4, GM-6900G-9
[2020-FEB] Edifice: Super Slim High Spec Chronograph Series (FEB)
-EQB-1000XD-1A, EQB-1000XDC-1A
[2020-FEB] Edifice: Solar Powered Slim Chronograph Series (FEB)
- EFS-S560D-1AV, EFS-S560DB-1AV, EFS-S560DC-1AV Series (FEB)
[2020-FEB] Standard Digital: FISHING GEAR Series (FEB)
-WSC-1250H-1AV, WSC-1250H-2AV, WSC-1250H-3AV
[2020-FEB] Standard Digital: FISHING GEAR Series (FEB)
-WS-1200H-1AV, WS-1200H-2AV, WS-1200H-3AV
[20/01/2020] G-Shock: Transparent styles - pink-gold Series (JAN)
- GMA-S110SR-7A, GMA-S120SR-7A, GMD-S6900SR-7
                          JAN Monthly View
[20/01/2020] EDIFICE: Solar Powered Chronograph Series (JAN)
- EQS-920DB-2AV, EQS-920PB-1AV
[20/01/2020] SHEEN: Sapphire Crystal Series (JAN)
- SHE-4534PGL-1A, SHE-4534PGL-2A, SHE-4534PGL-7A
[20/01/2020] SHEEN: Swarovski Crystals Series (JAN)
- SHE-4059M-4A, SHE-4059PGM-2A, SHE-4059PGM-7A
[20/01/2020] Standard Analog: Men's Standard Analog Series (JAN)
[20/01/2020] Standard Analog: Ladies' Standard Analog Series (JAN)
Year 2019 News
[24/12/2019] Baby-G: 25th Anniversary Model - BGD-525F-6 Series (DEC)
- BGD-525F-6
                                                                                     DEC Monthly View
[24/12/2019] EDIFICE: EFR-570DB, EFR-570BL Series (DEC)
- EFR-570DB-1AV, EFR-570DB-1BV, EFR-570BL-1AV
[24/12/2019] Standard Digital: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE - DW-291H Series (DEC)
- DW-291H-1AV, DW-291H-1BV, DW-291H-9A
[24/12/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MRW-200HD Series (DEC)
- MRW-200HD-1BV, MRW-200HD-7BV
[23/12/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E164D, LTP-E164L Series (DEC)
- LTP-E164D-1A, LTP-E164D-4A, LTP-E164D-7A, LTP-E164D-9A, LTP-E164L-1A, LTP-E164L-4A, LTP-E164L-7A, LTP-E164L-9A
[23/12/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E165D, LTP-E165L Series (DEC)
- LTP-E165D-1A, LTP-E165D-7A, LTP-E165D-9A, LTP-E165D-4A, LTP-E165D-7A
[23/12/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-E166D, LTP-E166GL Series (DEC)
- LTP-E166D-1C, LTP-E166D-2C, LTP-E166GL-7C, LTP-E166GL-9C
[23/12/2019] Standard Analog: Men' - MTP-V006D, MTP-V006G Series (DEC)
- MTP-V006D-1B2, MTP-V006D-2B, MTP-V006D-7B2, MTP-V006G-1B, MTP-V006G-7B, MTP-V006L-1B2, MTP-V006L-1B3, MTP-V006L-2B, MTP-V006L-3B
[23/12/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-V006D, LTP-V006G Series (DEC)
- LTP-V006D-1B2, LTP-V006D-7B2, LTP-V006G-7B, LTP-V006L-1B2, LTP-V006L-4B, LTP-V006L-7B2
[23/12/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' - LTP-V007D, LTP-V007G, LTP-V007SG Series (DEC)
- LTP-V007D-1B, LTP-V007D-7B, LTP-V007G-9B, LTP-V007SG-9B, LTP-V007L-1B, LTP-V007L-7B1, LTP-V007L-7B2, LTP-V007L-9B
[25/11/2019] G-Shock: G-SQUAD - GBA-800LU, GBD-800LU Series (NOV)
- GBA-800LU-1A1, GBA-800LU-1A, GBD-800LU-1, GBD-800LU-9
                 NOV Monthly View
[20/11/2019] G-Shock x Baby-G: Wildlife Promising Leopard Editions Series (NOV)
- GWG-1000WLP-1A, GST-S310WLP-1A9, MSG-S200WLP-5A
[20/11/2019] Baby-G: Pokémon Pikachu Collaboration Model Series (NOV)
- BGD-560PKC-1
[19/11/2019] G-Shock: MT-G Metal Camouflage Series (NOV)
- MTG-B1000DCM-1A
[19/11/2019] G-Shock: Limited Full-Metal Titanium with DLC & Sapphire Crystal Series (NOV)
- GMW-B5000TB-1, GMW-B5000TCM-1
[19/11/2019] G-Shock: Traditional Pattern - Bhutan Textile Series (NOV)
- GA-2000BT-1A
[19/11/2019] G Presents Lover's Collection Series (NOV)
- LOV-19A-7A (AW-590LG-7A & BGA-150LG-7B)
[19/11/2019] G Presents Lover's Collection Series (NOV)
- LOV-19B-1 (DW-5600LG-1 & BGD-560LG-1)
[18/11/2019] G-Shock: Christmas color - Winter Premium Models Series (NOV)
- DW-5600THC-1, DW-5700TH-1, DW-5900TH-1, GA-2100TH-1A
[18/11/2019] Baby-G: Christmas color - Winter Premium Model Series (NOV)
- BGD-570TH-1
[18/11/2019] G-Shock: Purple-Pink Throwback 1990s Series (NOV)
- DW-5600THB-7, DW-5700THB-7, GA-2100THB-7A
[18/11/2019] Baby-G: Purple-Pink Throwback 1990s Series (NOV)
- BGD-570THB-7, BGD-560THB-7
[18/11/2019] Baby-G: Colorful geometric patterns - BA-110TH Series (NOV)
- BA-110TH-1A, BA-110TH-7A
[18/11/2019] G-Shock: Purple-Blue Throwback 1990s Series (NOV)
- DW-5600THS-1, GA-2100THS-1A
[16/11/2019] Edifice: Premium Collection Series (NOV)
- ECB-900DB-1C, ECB-900PB-1A
[16/11/2019] Standard Analog: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE Series (NOV)
- MTS-100D-1AV, MTS-100D-2AV, MTS-100D-7AV, MTS-100L-1AV, MTS-100L-7AV
[16/11/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series (NOV)
- MTP-VD300D-1E, MTP-VD300D-2E, MTP-VD300D-7E, MTP-VD300L-1E, MTP-VD300L-2E, MTP-VD300L-7E
[29/10/2019] Baby-G: Brilliantly color Series (NOV)
- BA-130-1A2, BA-130-1A3, BA-130-1A4
[29/10/2019] Sheen: Sapphire Crystal Series (NOV)
- SHE-4533D-7A, SHE-4533PG-4A, SHE-4533PGL-1A, SHE-4533PGL-7A, SHE-4533PGL-7B
[29/10/2019] Sheen: Sapphire Crystal Series (NOV)
- SHE-4057PG-4A, SHE-4057PG-7A, SHE-4057PGL-7A, SHE-4057PGL-7B
[29/10/2019] Sheen: Sapphire Crystal Series (NOV)
- SHE-3068PG-4A, SHE-3068PG-4B, SHE-3068SPG-7A
[29/10/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series (NOV)
- MTP-1374D-1A2V, MTP-1374D-2A2V, MTP-1374L-1A2V, MTP-1374L-2AV
[29/10/2019] Standard Analog: PAIR MODEL Series (NOV)
- MTP-V004D-1B2, LTP-V004D-1B2, MTP-V004D-2B, LTP-V004D-2B, MTP-V004D-7B2, LTP-V004D-7B2, MTP-V004G-1B, LTP-V004G-1B, MTP-V004G-7B2, LTP-V004G-7B2, MTP-V004L-1B, LTP-V004L-1B, MTP-V004L-1B2, LTP-V004L-7B, MTP-V004L-2B, LTP-V004L-2B, MTP-V004L-3B, LTP-V004L-4B
[24/10/2019] G-Shock: Antarctic Research ROV Collaboration Model Series (OCT)
- GWF-D1000ARR-1
                                                                                    OCT Monthly View
[24/10/2019] G-Shock: MT-G Series (OCT)
- MTG-B1000XBD-1A, MTG-B1000XB-1A
[24/10/2019] EDIFICE: Honda Racing Limited Edition Series (OCT)
- EQB-1000HRS-1A, EQB-1000HR-1A
[19/10/2019] G-Shock: G-STEEL (OCT)
- GST-B200X-1A2, GST-B200X-1A9, GST-B200G-2A
[19/10/2019] G-Shock: Black and Red Series (OCT)
- GW-B5600AR-1, AWR-M100SAR-1A, GAS-100AR-1A, GA-700AR-1A, GA-140AR-1A
[19/10/2019] G-Shock: Color Skeleton Series (OCT)
- DW-5600SB-2, DW-5600SB-3, DW-5600SB-4
[19/10/2019] G-Shock: Navy and Rose Gold Series (OCT)
- AWR-M100SNR-2A
[19/10/2019] Baby-G: G-MS Series (OCT)
- MSG-S200G-4A, MSG-S200G-5A
[19/10/2019] Baby-G: OUTDOOR LIFESTYLE Series (OCT)
- BGA-260-1A, BGA-260-3A, BGA-260-4A, BGA-260-7A
[18/10/2019] Protrek: Climber Line - PRW-50FC-1 Series (OCT)
[18/10/2019] Protrek: Climber Line - PRW-50YAE-2 Series (OCT)
[18/10/2019] Protrek: Climber Line - PRW-60YBM-1A Series (OCT)
[18/10/2019] Edifice: Dynamic Design Series (OCT)
EFV-590D-1AV, EFV-590D-2AV, EFV-590L-1AV, EFV-590PB-1AV
[18/10/2019] Edifice: EFR-569DB, EFR-569DC, EFR-569BL Series (OCT)
EFR-569DB-1AV, EFR-569DC-1AV, EFR-569BL-1AV, EFR-569BL-2AV
[18/10/2019] Sheen: Swarovski Crystal Series (OCT)
SHE-3806GL-9A, SHE-3048PGL-7B, SHE-3059PGL-5A, SHE-3064PGL-5A
[18/09/2019] G-Shock: Square-Faced Digital Series (SEP)
- GM-5600-1, GM-5600B-1, GM-5600B-3
                                                  SEP Monthly View
[18/09/2019] G-Shock: G-SQUAD Series (SEP)
- GMA-B800-1A, GMA-B800-7A, GMA-B800-8A, GMA-B800-9A
- EFR-S567TR-2A
[18/09/2019] Protrek: Climber Line, Bluetooth, Quad Sensor Series (SEP)
- PRT-B50-1, PRT-B50-2, PRT-B50-4, PRT-B50FE-3
[17/09/2019] Sandard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series (SEP)
[17/09/2019] Digital-Analog: GUNMETAL GRAY Series (SEP)
- A168WGG-1A, A168WGG-1B, AQ-230GG-2A, AQ-230GG-9A
[17/08/2019] G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure Series (AUG)
- GA-2100-1A, GA-2100-1A1, GA-2100-4A
                                                  AUG Monthly View
[17/08/2019] G-Shock: Black x Neon Series (AUG)
- GAS-100BMC-1A, DW-6900BMC-1, GA-700BMC-1A, GA-140BMC-1A
[17/08/2019] G-Shock: S Series (AUG)
- GMA-S140-1A, GMA-S140-2A, GMA-S140-4A, GMA-S140-8A
[17/08/2019] Baby-G: G-SQUAD Series (AUG)
- BSA-B100AC-2A, BSA-B100AC-3A, BSA-B100AC-5A
[16/08/2019] Edifice: SUPER SLIM HIGH SPEC CHRONOGRAPH Series (AUG)
- EQB-1000D-1A
[16/08/2019] Edifice: Retrograde chronograph - New color additions Series (AUG)
- EFR-552SBK-1AV, EFR-552PB-1AV, EFV-540SBK-1AV, EFV-540PB-1AV
[16/08/2019] Sheen: Sapphire Crystal - SHE-4532PG, SHE-4532PGL Series (AUG)
- SHE-4532PG-1A, SHE-4532PG-4A, SHE-4532PGL-4A, SHE-4532PGL-7A
[17/07/2019] G-Shock: MUDMASTER - GG-B100 Series (JUL)
- GG-B100-1A3, GG-B100-1A9, GG-B100-1A
                                                  JUL Monthly View
[17/07/2019] G-Shock: GA Series - GA-140 Series (JUL)
- GA-140-1A1, GA-140-1A4, GA-140-2A, GA-140-4A, GA-140-6A
[17/07/2019] Baby-G: Beach Traveler Series (JUL)
- BGA-250-1A2, BGA-250-7A3
[17/07/2019] Baby-G: New round-face Design - BGD-570 Series (JUL)
- BGD-570-1, BGD-570-4, BGD-570-7
[16/07/2019] Edifice: Slim series - EFR-S567D, EFR-S567DC Series (JUL)
- EFR-S567D-1AV, EFR-S567D-2AV, EFR-S567DC-1AV
[16/07/2019] Edifice: Slim series - EFR-S107D, EFR-S107L Series (JUL)
- EFR-S107D-1AV, EFR-S107L-1AV
[16/07/2019] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals SHE-4056PG, SHE-4056SPG, SHE-4056PGL Series (JUL)
- SHE-4056PG-2A, SHE-4056PG-4A, SHE-4056SPG-7A, SHE-4056PGL-2A
[15/07/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E162D Series (JUL)
- LTP-E162D-1A, LTP-E162D-2A, LTP-E162D-4A, LTP-E162D-7A
[15/07/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E163D Series (JUL)
- LTP-E163D-1A, LTP-E163D-4A, LTP-E163D-7A1, LTP-E163D-7A2
[15/07/2019] Standard Digital: MARINE SPORTS GEAR - WS-1100H Series (JUL)
- WS-1100H-1AV, WS-1100H-2AV, WS-1100H-4AV
[15/07/2019] Standard Digital: MARINE SPORTS GEAR - WS-1100H Series (JUL)
- LWS-1100H-2AV, LWS-1100H-8AV, LWS-1100H-9AV
[17/06/2019] G-Shock: EVERLAST collaboration model (JUN)
- GBA-800EL-4A
                                                                                        JUN Monthly View
[17/06/2019] G-Shock x Baby-G Animal themed pair models 2019 Series (JUN)
- SLV-19A-1ADR, SLV-19B-1DR
[17/06/2019] G-Shock: KANOA IGARASHI Signature Model (JUN)
- GLX-5600KI-7
[17/06/2019] G-Shock: Black aged IP finish - GMW-B5000V-1 (JUN)
- GMW-B5000V-1
[17/06/2019] G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure Series (JUN)
- GA-2000S-1A, GA-2000S-7A
[17/06/2019] G-SHOCK GA-2000 replaceable bands Series (JUN)
- BGA-250AQ-4A
[17/06/2019] Baby-G: Beach fashions Series (JUN)
- BA-130-1A, BA-130-4A, BA-130-7A1, BA-130-7A2
[17/06/2019] Protrek: Climber Line Series (JUN)
- PRW-50Y-1A, PRW-50Y-1B
[15/06/2019] Edifice: SOLAR POWER & CARBON FIBER - EQS-900PB Series (JUN)
- EQS-900PB-1AV, EQS-900PB-1BV
[15/06/2019] Edifice: Analog-Digital Combination Series (JUN)
- ERA-120DB-1AV, ERA-120DB-1BV, ERA-120BL-2AV
[15/06/2019] SHEEN: NAVY BLUE DIAL Series (JUN)
- SHE-3061PG-2A, SHE-3809PG-2A
[29/05/2019] Protrek: Multi Field Line Carbon Edition Series (MAY)
- PRW-7000X-1 (1300 units worldwide)
                                                           MAY Monthly View
[29/05/2019] G-Shock: G-LIDE, Tide Graph, Moon, Data, Tough Solar, Multiband 6
- GWX-5700SS-7, GMX-5700SSN-1
[29/05/2019] G-Shock: Metallic Mirror Face Series (MAY)
- DW-5600BBM-1, DW-5600BBM-2, DW-5700BBM-1, DW-5700BBM-2
[29/05/2019] G-Shock: MT-G Rainbow IP Series (MAY)
- MTG-B1000RB-2A
[29/05/2019] Baby-G: Beach fashions Series (MAY)
- BA-120TG-4A, BA-120T-1A, BA-120T-7A
[29/05/2019] Digital-Analog: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE Series (MAY)
- HDC-700-3A2V, HDC-700-3A3V
[29/05/2019] Standard Digital: 7-YEAR BATTERY LIFE Series (MAY)
- W-217HM-5AV, W-217HM-7BV, W-217HM-9AV
[18/05/2019] G-Shock: G-STEEL Series (MAY)
- GST-B200-1A, GST-B200B-1A, GST-B200D-1A
[18/05/2019] G-Shock: Hot Rock Sounds Series (MAY)
- DW-5900RS-1, DW-5900RS-9, GA-100RS-2A, GA-100RS-4A
[18/05/2019] G-Shock: RED & BLACK Series (MAY)
- GAS-100RB-1A, GA-110RB-1A
[18/05/2019] G-Shock: RED & BLACK Series (MAY)
- GW-M5610RB-4, AWG-M100SRB-4A
[18/05/2019] G-Shock: G-LIDE Series (MAY)
- GLX-6900SS-1, GLX-6900SS-9
[18/05/2019] G-Shock x Baby-G: G-LIDE Series (MAY)
- GLX-5600VH-1, GLX-5600VH-4, BLX-560VH-1, BLX-560VH-4
[17/05/2019] Baby-G: G-MS Series (MAY)
- MSG-C100G-1A, MSG-C100G-7A, MSG-C100-2A, MSG-C100-7A
[17/05/2019] Baby-G: G-LIDE 25th Anniversary Model Series (MAY)
- BAX-125-2
[17/05/2019] Protrek: Climber Line Series (MAY)
- PRW-60-2A, PRW-60Y-1A
[16/05/2019] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals Series (MAY)
-SHE-3067PG-4A, SHE-3067PG-7A, SHE-3067PGL-7A, SHE-3067PGL-7B
[16/05/2019] Edifice: Countdown bezel Series (MAY)
- EFV-120DB-1AV, EFV-120DB-2AV, EFV-120BL-1AV
[16/05/2019] Edifice: Countdown bezel Series (MAY)
- EFR-566DB-1AV, EFR-566PB-1AV, EFR-566BL-2AV
[16/05/2019] Edifice: Solar Powered Chronograph Series (MAY)
- EFS-S550DB-1AV, EFS-S550PB-1AV, EFS-S550BL-1AV
[16/05/2019] Standard Digital: Vintage Collection, SUPER SLIM CASE Series (MAY)
- A700W-1A, A700WG-9A, A700WM-7A, A700WMG-9A
[16/05/2019] Standard Digital: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE Series (MAY)
- F-201WAM-5AV, F-201WAM-7AV, F-201WAM-9AV
[16/05/2019] Standard Digital: 10-YEAR BATTERY LIFE Series (MAY)
- W-96H-3AV, W-96H-4A2V, W-96H-4AV
[16/05/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S Series (MAY)
- MTP-V300D-1A2, MTP-V300D-2A, MTP-V300D-3A, MTP-V300D-7A2, MTP-V300L-1A2, MTP-V300L-1A3, MTP-V300L-2A, MTP-V300L-7A2, MTP-V300L-9A
[16/05/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' Series (MAY)
- LTP-V300D-1A2, LTP-V300D-2A2, LTP-V300D-4A2, LTP-V300D-7A2, LTP-V300D-9A1, LTP-V300D-9A2, LTP-V300L-2A2, LTP-V300L-2A3, LTP-V300L-4A2, LTP-V300L-7A2
[29/04/2019] G-Shock: GRAVITYMASTERR Limited Edition Model - GWR-B1000X-1A (APR)      APR Monthly View
[29/04/2019] G-Shock: RANGEMAN Extreme Survival Fitness Series (APR)
- GPR-B1000-1, GPR-B1000-1B
[29/04/2019] Edifice: SCUDERIA TORO ROSSO LIMITED EDITION - ECB-900TR-2A Series (APR)
- EQS-920TR-2A, EFR-564TR-2A
[29/04/2019] Sheen: Swarovski® Crystals Series (APR)
- SHE-3047PG-5A, SHE-3047PG-9A, SHE-3046PG-4A, SHE-3046PG-8A
[16/04/2019] Baby-G: G-LIDE - BLX-570 Series (APR)
- BLX-570-1, BLX-570-7, BLX-570-4, BLX-570-6
[16/04/2019] G-Shock: ORIGIN - GMW-B5000G Series (APR)
- GMW-B5000G-1, GMW-B5000G-2
[16/04/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-SW340D Series (APR)
- MTP-SW340D-7AV, MTP-SW340L-1AV, MTP-SW340D-1AV, MTP-SW340D-2AV, MTP-SW340L-2AV, MTP-SW340L-7AV
[16/04/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' - ZODIAC MOTIF Series (APR)
- LTP-E01D-4A, LTP-E02D-4A, LTP-E03L-4A, LTP-E04D-2A, LTP-E05D-2A, LTP-E06L-2A, LTP-E07D-3A, LTP-E08D-3A, LTP-E09L-3A, LTP-E10D-4A, LTP-E11L-5A1, LTP-E12L-5A2
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: GRAVITYMASTER - Carbon Core Guard structure Series (MAR)
- GWR-B1000-1A1, GWR-B1000-1A
                                                                            MAR Monthly View
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure Series (MAR)
- GA-2000-1A2, GA-2000-1A9, GA-2000E-4, GA-2000-2A, GA-2000-3A, GA-2000-5A
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: Clear Skeleton Series (MAR)
- GA-400SK-1A4, GA-700SK-1A, DW-6900SK-1, DW-5600SK-1, GA-400SK-1A9
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: 90's color Series (MAR)
- GW-B5600BL-1, GAS-100BL-1A, GA-800BL-1A, GA-100BL-1A
[27/03/2019] Protrek: NAVY BLUE Series (MAR)
- PRG-600YB-2, PRG-650YL-2
- IQ-90A-8, IQ-89-8, IQ-85-7, IQ-78-8, IQ-78-5
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: MT-G - MTG-B1000BD-1A, MTG-B1000D-1A
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: 35th Anniversary - GMW-B5000GD-1, GMW-B5000GD-9
[16/03/2019] G-Shock: SHICHI-FUKU-JIN Series - FUKUROKUJU (MAR)
- GBD-800SLG-3
[16/03/2019] G-Shock: Blue Note Records Collaboration Model Series (MAR)
- GST-B100BNR-1A
[16/03/2019] Baby-G: G-LIDE Series (MAR)
- BAX-100-1A, BAX-100-3A, BAX-100-7A
[16/03/2019] Baby-G: Summertime pastel colors Series (MAR)
- BGA-230PC-2B, BGA-230PC-6B, BGA-230PC-9B
[15/03/2019] Edifice: Premium Collection Series - Connected and Solar Powered (MAR)
- ECB-900DB-1A, ECB-900DB-1B, ECB-900DC-1A, ECB-900BL-2A
[15/03/2019] Sheen: Swarovski® Crystals Series (MAR)
-SHE-4055PG-4A, SHE-4055PG-7A, SHE-4055PGL-7A, SHE-4055PGL-7B
[15/03/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series (MAR)
- MTP-V005D-1B2, MTP-V005D-2B1, MTP-V005D-2B2, MTP-V005D-3B, MTP-V005D-7B2, MTP-V005GL-1B2, MTP-V005GL-9B, MTP-V005L-2B, MTP-V005L-7B2, MTP-V005L-7B3
[15/03/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG Series (MAR)
- LTP-V005D-1B2, LTP-V005D-2B2, LTP-V005D-2B3, LTP-V005D-4B2, LTP-V005D-7B2, LTP-V005GL-1B2, LTP-V005GL-9B, LTP-V005L-2B, LTP-V005L-7B2, LTP-V005L-7B3
[28/02/2019] G-Shock: G-STEEL - GST-S330L-1A, GST-S300GL-1A Series (MAR)
[28/02/2019] G-Shock: G-SQUAD - STEP TRACKER - GBD-800UC, GBA-800UC Series (MAR)
- GBD-800UC-3, GBD-800UC-5, GBD-800UC-8, GBA-800UC-2A, GBA-800UC-5A
[22/02/2019] G-Shock: LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH Series- Leopard
WILDLIFE PROMISING Collaboration - GG-1000WLP-1A (FEB)
                         FEB Monthly View
[22/02/2019] G-Shock: LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH - African fish eagle
[22/02/2019] Baby-G: LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH - Lilac-breasted roller
[22/02/2019] G-Shock: SHICHI-FUKU-JIN Series - DAIKOKUTEN - GX-56SLG-1 Series (FEB)
[22/02/2019] G-Shock: SHICHI-FUKU-JIN Series - JURōJIN - DW-5700SLG-7 Series (FEB)
[22/02/2019] G-Shock: MT-G - MTG-B1000BD-1A (FEB)
[21/02/2019] Baby-G: G-SQUAD - STEP TRACKER - BSA-B100SC Series (FEB)
- BSA-B100SC-1A, BSA-B100SC-7A
[21/02/2019] G-Shock: S Series - STEP TRACKER - GMA-S130PA-1A, GMA-S130PA-4A (FEB)
[20/02/2019] EDIFICE: Additional colors - EFV-570, EFV-550 Series (FEB)
- EFV-570DC-1AV, EFV-550DC-1AV, EFV-570L-2BV, EFV-550L-2A
[20/02/2019] Standard Analog: MQ-24D, MQ-24G, MQ-24M, MQ-24MG Series (FEB)
- MQ-24D-7E, MQ-24G-9E, MQ-24M-1E, MQ-24MG-1E
[20/02/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-1290BL, MTP-1291BL Series (FEB)
- MTP-1290BL-1A1V, MTP-1290BL-1A2V, MTP-1291BL-1A1V, MTP-1291BL-1A2V
[20/02/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E160 Series (FEB)
- LTP-E160D-2A, LTP-E160D-4A, LTP-E160RG-4A, LTP-E160RG-9A, LTP-E160SG-1A, LTP-E160SG-9A, LTP-E160GL-1A, LTP-E160GL-2A, LTP-E160RL-5A, LTP-E160RL-7A
[28/01/2019] G-Shock: MT-G - MTG-B1000 Series (JAN)
- MTG-B1000-1A, MTG-B1000B-1A, MTG-B1000B-1A4
                                JAN Monthly View
[28/01/2019] Baby-G: Spring blossom colors - BG-169M Series (JAN)
- BG-169M-1, BG-169M-4
[28/01/2019] G-Shock: Metallic Accent Color Rose Gold Series (JAN)
- GA-100MMC-1A, GA-800MMC-1A, GA-110MMC-1A, GA-700MMC-1A
[28/01/2019] G-Shock: HERITAGE Series - GW-B5600HR-1 (JAN)
[28/01/2019] G-Shock: S Series - GMA-S120MF-2A2, GMA-S120MF-8A (JAN)
- GMA-S120MF-2A2, GMA-S120MF-8A
[18/01/2019] Baby-G: 25th Anniversary Model - BGD-525-7 (JAN)
[18/01/2019] Edifice: Black Series and Gray Series - EFR-556, EFR-559, EFR-563 (JAN)
- EFR-556DC-1AV, EFR-559DC-1BV, EFR-563DC-1AV, EFR-556GY-1AV, EFR-559GY-1AV, EFR-563GY-1AV
[18/01/2019] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals Series - SHE-3048PG, SHE-4034PG (JAN)
- SHE-3048PG-4B, SHE-3048PG-7B, SHE-4034PG-4A, SHE-4034PG-7A
[18/01/2019] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals Series - SHE-3034GL, SHE-3046GLP, SHE-3056PGL, SHE-3058PGL (JAN)
- SHE-3034GL-7C, SHE-3034GL-9A, SHE-3046GLP-7C, SHE-3056PGL-7B, SHE-3058PGL-9A
[18/01/2019] Standard Digital: STEP TRACKER Series - WS-2000H, LWS-2000H (JAN)
- WS-2000H-1AV, WS-2000H-2AV, WS-2000H-4AV, LWS-2000H-1AV, LWS-2000H-2AV, LWS-2000H-4AV
[18/01/2019] Standard Digital: LAP MEMORY 60 Series - WS-1000H, LWS-1000H (JAN)
- WS-1000H-1AV, WS-1000H-2AV, WS-1000H-3AV, LWS-1000H-1AV, LWS-1000H-2AV, LWS-1000H-8AV
[18/01/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MRW-220HCM (JAN)
- MRW-220HCM-1BV, MRW-220HCM-3BV, MRW-220HCM-5BV
[18/01/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG Series - LRW-200H (JAN)
- LRW-200H-2E3V, LRW-200H-4E3V, LRW-200H-4E4V, LRW-200H-9EV, LRW-200H-9E2V
[18/01/2019] Standard Analog: HIS AND HERS FASHIONG Series - MTP-VT01, LTP-VT01 (JAN)
- MTP-VT01D-1B, MTP-VT01D-2B, MTP-VT01D-7B, MTP-VT01L-1B, MTP-VT01L-2B, MTP-VT01L-7B1, MTP-VT01L-7B2, LTP-VT01D-1B, LTP-VT01D-2B, LTP-VT01D-4B, LTP-VT01D-7B, LTP-VT01L-1B, LTP-VT01L-2B, LTP-VT01L-4B, LTP-VT01L-7B1, LTP-VT01L-7B2, LTP-VT01L-7B3
[18/01/2019] Standard Analog: HIS AND HERS FASHIONG Series - MTP-E159, LTP-E159 (JAN)
- MTP-E159D-1B, MTP-E159D-2B, MTP-E159L-1B, MTP-E159L-2B1, MTP-E159L-2B2, LTP-E159D-2B, LTP-E159D-4B, LTP-E159L-2B1, LTP-E159L-2B2, LTP-E159L-4B
Year 2018 News
[14/12/2018] G-Shock x Baby-G: Diamond Index Series - GA-110DDR-7A, BA-110DDR-7A (DEC)           DEC Monthly View
[14/12/2018] G-Shock: 35th Anniversary MAGMA OCEAN Series (DEC)
- MTG-B1000TF-1A, GPR-B1000TF-1
[14/12/2018] G-Shock: 35th Anniversary - GMW-B5000GD-1 Series (DEC)
[14/12/2018] G-Shock: 35th Anniversary - GMW-B5000D-1, GMW-B5000-1, GMW-B5000TFG-9 Series (DEC)
[14/12/2018] G-Shock: THE HUNDREDS® - DW-5600HDR-1 Series (DEC)
[14/12/2018] Edifice: Solar Powered Chronograph - EQS-920 Series (DEC)
- EQS-920DB-1AV, EQS-920DB-1BV, EQS-920BL-2AV
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MW-240 (DEC)
- MW-240-1E2V, MW-240-1EV, MW-240-7EV
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MTP-EX300 (DEC)
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MTP-EX100 (DEC)
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MTP-SW330D (DEC)
- MTP-SW330D-1AV, MTP-SW330D-2AV, MTP-SW330D-7AV, MTP-SW330L-7AV, MTP-SW330L-1AV, MTP-SW330L-2AV
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MTP-E158 (DEC)
- MTP-E158D-1AV, MTP-E158D-2AV, MTP-E158D-7AV, MTP-E158L-7AV, MTP-E158L-1AV, MTP-E158L-2AV
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION Series - MTP-1358 (DEC)
- LTP-1358D-1AV, LTP-1358D-4A2V, LTP-1358RG-4AV, LTP-1358RG-2AV, LTP-1358R-2AV, LTP-1358L-2AV, LTP-1358L-4A2V, LTP-1358L-5AV, LTP-1358L-7AV
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG Series - LTP-E306 (DEC)
- LTP-E306D-1AV, LTP-E306D-7A2V, LTP-E306R-2AV, LTP-E306RG-2AV, LTP-E306RG-7A2V, LTP-E306L-2AV, LTP-E306L-5AV, LTP-E306L-7A2V
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION Series - LTP-E141 (DEC)
- LTP-E141D-9AV, LTP-E141RG-2AV, LTP-E141RG-9AV, LTP-E141G-2AV, LTP-E141L-2A2V, LTP-E141L-4A3V, LTP-E141L-5AV
[27/11/2018] Shock x Baby-G: Diamond Index - GST-S310BDD-1A, MSG-S200BDD-1A (NOV)
- GST-S310BDD-1A, MSG-S200BDD-1A
                                                                         NOV Monthly View
[27/11/2018] G Presents Lover's Collection - LOV-18B-4 Series (NOV)
- LOV-18B-4A, DW-D5600LF-4W, BGD-560LF-4W
[27/11/2018] G Presents Lover's Collection - LOV-18A-7A Series (NOV)
- LOV-18A-7A, AW-591LF-7AV, BGA-150LF-7AV
[27/11/2018] G-Shock: DW-5900-1 Series (NOV) - DW-5900-1
[20/11/2018] G-Shock: Bi-color bands - Navy blue and Sax blue Series (NOV)
- DW-5600CC-2, GA-110CC-2A, GA-400CC-2A, GA-800CC-2A
[20/11/2018] G-Shock: STEEL - GST-B100XB-2A, GST-B100G-2A Series (NOV)
- GST-B100XB-2A, GST-B100G-2A
[20/11/2018] G-Shock: All-black matte model Series (NOV)
- DW-5900BB-1, G-001BB-1, DW-6900BBA-1, DW-D5500BB-1
[20/11/2018] G-Shock: G-SQUAD - GBA-800DG Series (NOV)
- GBA-800DG-1A, GBA-800DG-2A, GBA-800DG-7A, GBA-800DG-9A
[20/11/2018] G-Shock: BRIGHT ORANGE COLOR Series (NOV)
- GA-100BR-1A, GA-700BR-1A, GA-800BR-1A, GAS-100BR-1A
[19/11/2018] Baby-G: G-SQUAD - BSA-B100MF Series (NOV)
- BSA-B100MF-1A, BSA-B110MF-7A
[19/11/2018] Baby-G: Outdoor Colors - BGA-255 Series (NOV) - BGA-255-5A
[19/11/2018] Baby-G: Pink Gold Index - BA-110RG Series (NOV)
- BA-110RG-1A, BA-110RG-4A, BA-110RG-7A
[19/11/2018] Baby-G: Graffiti Design - BGD-560SK Series (NOV)
- BGD-560SK-1, BGD-560SK-4, BGD-560SK-7
[14/11/2018] Edifice: Sapphire crystal - EFR-S565D Series (NOV)
- EFR-S565D-1AV, EFR-S565D-7AV, EFR-S565L-1AV, EFR-S565L-2AV
[14/11/2018] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals - SHE-3066PG, SHE-3066PGL Series (NOV)
- SHE-3066PG-2A, SHE-3066PG-4A, SHE-3066PGL-4A, SHE-3066PGL-7A, SHE-3066PGL-7B
[14/11/2018] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals - SHE-4052PG, SHE-4052PGL Series (NOV)
- SHE-4052PG-2A, SHE-4052PG-4A, SHE-4052PGL-4A, SHE-4052PGL-7A, SHE-4052PGL-7B
[14/11/2018] Beside: Slim Case - BEM-SL100D Series (NOV)
- BEM-SL100D-1A, BEM-SL100D-2A, BEM-SL100D-3A, BEM-SL100D-5A
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-1384BL Series (NOV)
- MTP-1384BL-1AV, MTP-1384BL-1A2V
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-E303 Series (NOV)
- MTP-E303B-1AV, MTP-E303B-1A2V, MTP-E303BL-1AV, MTP-E303BL-1A2V
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-E120DY, MTP-E120LY Series (NOV)
- MTP-E120DY-1AV, MTP-E120DY-2AV, MTP-E120DY-7AV, MTP-E120LY-1AV, MTP-E120LY-2AV, MTP-E120LY-7AV
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-E320DY, MTP-E320LY Series (NOV)
- MTP-E320DY-1AV, MTP-E320DY-2AV, MTP-E320DY-7AV, MTP-E320LY-1AV, MTP-E320LY-2AV, MTP-E320LY-7AV
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-SW320 Series (NOV)
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES'S STANDARD ANALOG - LTP-2088D, LTP-2088L Series (NOV)
- LTP-2088D-1A2V, LTP-2088D-2A1V, LTP-2088D-2A2V, LTP-2088D-4AV, LTP-2088L-2AV, LTP-2088L-4A2V, LTP-2088L-9AV
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES'S STANDARD ANALOG - LTP-2089D, LTP-2089L Series (NOV)
- LTP-2089D-2AV, LTP-2089D-4AV, LTP-2089D-7A2V, LTP-2089L-2AV, LTP-2089L-4AV, LTP-2089L-7AV
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES'S ANALOG - LTP-E156M Series (NOV) - LTP-E156M-7A