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Year 2019 News
[29/04/2019] G-Shock: GRAVITYMASTERR Limited Edition Model - GWR-B1000X-1A (APR)      APR Monthly View
[29/04/2019] G-Shock: RANGEMAN Extreme Survival Fitness Series (APR)
- GPR-B1000-1, GPR-B1000-1B
[29/04/2019] Edifice: SCUDERIA TORO ROSSO LIMITED EDITION - ECB-900TR-2A Series (APR)
- EQS-920TR-2A, EFR-564TR-2A
[29/04/2019] Sheen: Swarovski® Crystals Series (APR)
- SHE-3047PG-5A, SHE-3047PG-9A, SHE-3046PG-4A, SHE-3046PG-8A
[16/04/2019] Baby-G: G-LIDE - BLX-570 Series (APR)
- BLX-570-1, BLX-570-7, BLX-570-4, BLX-570-6
[16/04/2019] G-Shock: ORIGIN - GMW-B5000G Series (APR)
- GMW-B5000G-1, GMW-B5000G-2
[16/04/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-SW340D Series (APR)
- MTP-SW340D-7AV, MTP-SW340L-1AV, MTP-SW340D-1AV, MTP-SW340D-2AV, MTP-SW340L-2AV, MTP-SW340L-7AV
[16/04/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' - ZODIAC MOTIF Series (APR)
- LTP-E01D-4A, LTP-E02D-4A, LTP-E03L-4A, LTP-E04D-2A, LTP-E05D-2A, LTP-E06L-2A, LTP-E07D-3A, LTP-E08D-3A, LTP-E09L-3A, LTP-E10D-4A, LTP-E11L-5A1, LTP-E12L-5A2
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: GRAVITYMASTER - Carbon Core Guard structure Series (MAR)
- GWR-B1000-1A1, GWR-B1000-1A
                                                                            MAR Monthly View
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: Carbon Core Guard structure Series (MAR)
- GA-2000-1A2, GA-2000-1A9, GA-2000E-4, GA-2000-2A, GA-2000-3A, GA-2000-5A
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: Clear Skeleton Series (MAR)
- GA-400SK-1A4, GA-700SK-1A, DW-6900SK-1, DW-5600SK-1, GA-400SK-1A9
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: 90's color Series (MAR)
- GW-B5600BL-1, GAS-100BL-1A, GA-800BL-1A, GA-100BL-1A
[27/03/2019] Protrek: NAVY BLUE Series (MAR)
- PRG-600YB-2, PRG-650YL-2
- IQ-90A-8, IQ-89-8, IQ-85-7, IQ-78-8, IQ-78-5
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: MT-G - MTG-B1000BD-1A, MTG-B1000D-1A
[27/03/2019] G-Shock: 35th Anniversary - GMW-B5000GD-1, GMW-B5000GD-9
[16/03/2019] G-Shock: SHICHI-FUKU-JIN Series - FUKUROKUJU (MAR)
- GBD-800SLG-3
[16/03/2019] G-Shock: Blue Note Records Collaboration Model Series (MAR)
- GST-B100BNR-1A
[16/03/2019] Baby-G: G-LIDE Series (MAR)
- BAX-100-1A, BAX-100-3A, BAX-100-7A
[16/03/2019] Baby-G: Summertime pastel colors Series (MAR)
- BGA-230PC-2B, BGA-230PC-6B, BGA-230PC-9B
[15/03/2019] Edifice: Premium Collection Series - Connected and Solar Powered (MAR)
- ECB-900DB-1A, ECB-900DB-1B, ECB-900DC-1A, ECB-900BL-2A
[15/03/2019] Sheen: Swarovski® Crystals Series (MAR)
-SHE-4055PG-4A, SHE-4055PG-7A, SHE-4055PGL-7A, SHE-4055PGL-7B
[15/03/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series (MAR)
- MTP-V005D-1B2, MTP-V005D-2B1, MTP-V005D-2B2, MTP-V005D-3B, MTP-V005D-7B2, MTP-V005GL-1B2, MTP-V005GL-9B, MTP-V005L-2B, MTP-V005L-7B2, MTP-V005L-7B3
[15/03/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG Series (MAR)
- LTP-V005D-1B2, LTP-V005D-2B2, LTP-V005D-2B3, LTP-V005D-4B2, LTP-V005D-7B2, LTP-V005GL-1B2, LTP-V005GL-9B, LTP-V005L-2B, LTP-V005L-7B2, LTP-V005L-7B3
[28/02/2019] G-Shock: G-STEEL - GST-S330L-1A, GST-S300GL-1A Series (MAR)
[28/02/2019] G-Shock: G-SQUAD - STEP TRACKER - GBD-800UC, GBA-800UC Series (MAR)
- GBD-800UC-3, GBD-800UC-5, GBD-800UC-8, GBA-800UC-2A, GBA-800UC-5A
[22/02/2019] G-Shock: LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH Series- Leopard
WILDLIFE PROMISING Collaboration - GG-1000WLP-1A (FEB)
                         FEB Monthly View
[22/02/2019] G-Shock: LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH - African fish eagle
[22/02/2019] Baby-G: LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH - Lilac-breasted roller
[22/02/2019] G-Shock: SHICHI-FUKU-JIN Series - DAIKOKUTEN - GX-56SLG-1 Series (FEB)
[22/02/2019] G-Shock: SHICHI-FUKU-JIN Series - JURōJIN - DW-5700SLG-7 Series (FEB)
[22/02/2019] G-Shock: MT-G - MTG-B1000BD-1A (FEB)
[21/02/2019] Baby-G: G-SQUAD - STEP TRACKER - BSA-B100SC Series (FEB)
- BSA-B100SC-1A, BSA-B100SC-7A
[21/02/2019] G-Shock: S Series - STEP TRACKER - GMA-S130PA-1A, GMA-S130PA-4A (FEB)
[20/02/2019] EDIFICE: Additional colors - EFV-570, EFV-550 Series (FEB)
- EFV-570DC-1AV, EFV-550DC-1AV, EFV-570L-2BV, EFV-550L-2A
[20/02/2019] Standard Analog: MQ-24D, MQ-24G, MQ-24M, MQ-24MG Series (FEB)
- MQ-24D-7E, MQ-24G-9E, MQ-24M-1E, MQ-24MG-1E
[20/02/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S - MTP-1290BL, MTP-1291BL Series (FEB)
- MTP-1290BL-1A1V, MTP-1290BL-1A2V, MTP-1291BL-1A1V, MTP-1291BL-1A2V
[20/02/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION - LTP-E160 Series (FEB)
- LTP-E160D-2A, LTP-E160D-4A, LTP-E160RG-4A, LTP-E160RG-9A, LTP-E160SG-1A, LTP-E160SG-9A, LTP-E160GL-1A, LTP-E160GL-2A, LTP-E160RL-5A, LTP-E160RL-7A
[28/01/2019] G-Shock: MT-G - MTG-B1000 Series (JAN)
- MTG-B1000-1A, MTG-B1000B-1A, MTG-B1000B-1A4
                                JAN Monthly View
[28/01/2019] Baby-G: Spring blossom colors - BG-169M Series (JAN)
- BG-169M-1, BG-169M-4
[28/01/2019] G-Shock: Metallic Accent Color Rose Gold Series (JAN)
- GA-100MMC-1A, GA-800MMC-1A, GA-110MMC-1A, GA-700MMC-1A
[28/01/2019] G-Shock: HERITAGE Series - GW-B5600HR-1 (JAN)
[28/01/2019] G-Shock: S Series - GMA-S120MF-2A2, GMA-S120MF-8A (JAN)
- GMA-S120MF-2A2, GMA-S120MF-8A
[18/01/2019] Baby-G: 25th Anniversary Model - BGD-525-7 (JAN)
[18/01/2019] Edifice: Black Series and Gray Series - EFR-556, EFR-559, EFR-563 (JAN)
- EFR-556DC-1AV, EFR-559DC-1BV, EFR-563DC-1AV, EFR-556GY-1AV, EFR-559GY-1AV, EFR-563GY-1AV
[18/01/2019] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals Series - SHE-3048PG, SHE-4034PG (JAN)
- SHE-3048PG-4B, SHE-3048PG-7B, SHE-4034PG-4A, SHE-4034PG-7A
[18/01/2019] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals Series - SHE-3034GL, SHE-3046GLP, SHE-3056PGL, SHE-3058PGL (JAN)
- SHE-3034GL-7C, SHE-3034GL-9A, SHE-3046GLP-7C, SHE-3056PGL-7B, SHE-3058PGL-9A
[18/01/2019] Standard Digital: STEP TRACKER Series - WS-2000H, LWS-2000H (JAN)
- WS-2000H-1AV, WS-2000H-2AV, WS-2000H-4AV, LWS-2000H-1AV, LWS-2000H-2AV, LWS-2000H-4AV
[18/01/2019] Standard Digital: LAP MEMORY 60 Series - WS-1000H, LWS-1000H (JAN)
- WS-1000H-1AV, WS-1000H-2AV, WS-1000H-3AV, LWS-1000H-1AV, LWS-1000H-2AV, LWS-1000H-8AV
[18/01/2019] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MRW-220HCM (JAN)
- MRW-220HCM-1BV, MRW-220HCM-3BV, MRW-220HCM-5BV
[18/01/2019] Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG Series - LRW-200H (JAN)
- LRW-200H-2E3V, LRW-200H-4E3V, LRW-200H-4E4V, LRW-200H-9EV, LRW-200H-9E2V
[18/01/2019] Standard Analog: HIS AND HERS FASHIONG Series - MTP-VT01, LTP-VT01 (JAN)
- MTP-VT01D-1B, MTP-VT01D-2B, MTP-VT01D-7B, MTP-VT01L-1B, MTP-VT01L-2B, MTP-VT01L-7B1, MTP-VT01L-7B2, LTP-VT01D-1B, LTP-VT01D-2B, LTP-VT01D-4B, LTP-VT01D-7B, LTP-VT01L-1B, LTP-VT01L-2B, LTP-VT01L-4B, LTP-VT01L-7B1, LTP-VT01L-7B2, LTP-VT01L-7B3
[18/01/2019] Standard Analog: HIS AND HERS FASHIONG Series - MTP-E159, LTP-E159 (JAN)
- MTP-E159D-1B, MTP-E159D-2B, MTP-E159L-1B, MTP-E159L-2B1, MTP-E159L-2B2, LTP-E159D-2B, LTP-E159D-4B, LTP-E159L-2B1, LTP-E159L-2B2, LTP-E159L-4B
Year 2018 News
[14/12/2018] G-Shock x Baby-G: Diamond Index Series - GA-110DDR-7A, BA-110DDR-7A (DEC)           DEC Monthly View
[14/12/2018] G-Shock: 35th Anniversary MAGMA OCEAN Series (DEC)
- MTG-B1000TF-1A, GPR-B1000TF-1
[14/12/2018] G-Shock: 35th Anniversary - GMW-B5000GD-1 Series (DEC)
[14/12/2018] G-Shock: 35th Anniversary - GMW-B5000D-1, GMW-B5000-1, GMW-B5000TFG-9 Series (DEC)
[14/12/2018] G-Shock: THE HUNDREDS® - DW-5600HDR-1 Series (DEC)
[14/12/2018] Edifice: Solar Powered Chronograph - EQS-920 Series (DEC)
- EQS-920DB-1AV, EQS-920DB-1BV, EQS-920BL-2AV
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MW-240 (DEC)
- MW-240-1E2V, MW-240-1EV, MW-240-7EV
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MTP-EX300 (DEC)
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MTP-EX100 (DEC)
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MTP-SW330D (DEC)
- MTP-SW330D-1AV, MTP-SW330D-2AV, MTP-SW330D-7AV, MTP-SW330L-7AV, MTP-SW330L-1AV, MTP-SW330L-2AV
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG Series - MTP-E158 (DEC)
- MTP-E158D-1AV, MTP-E158D-2AV, MTP-E158D-7AV, MTP-E158L-7AV, MTP-E158L-1AV, MTP-E158L-2AV
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION Series - MTP-1358 (DEC)
- LTP-1358D-1AV, LTP-1358D-4A2V, LTP-1358RG-4AV, LTP-1358RG-2AV, LTP-1358R-2AV, LTP-1358L-2AV, LTP-1358L-4A2V, LTP-1358L-5AV, LTP-1358L-7AV
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG Series - LTP-E306 (DEC)
- LTP-E306D-1AV, LTP-E306D-7A2V, LTP-E306R-2AV, LTP-E306RG-2AV, LTP-E306RG-7A2V, LTP-E306L-2AV, LTP-E306L-5AV, LTP-E306L-7A2V
[14/12/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES' FASHION Series - LTP-E141 (DEC)
- LTP-E141D-9AV, LTP-E141RG-2AV, LTP-E141RG-9AV, LTP-E141G-2AV, LTP-E141L-2A2V, LTP-E141L-4A3V, LTP-E141L-5AV
[27/11/2018] Shock x Baby-G: Diamond Index - GST-S310BDD-1A, MSG-S200BDD-1A (NOV)
- GST-S310BDD-1A, MSG-S200BDD-1A
                                                                         NOV Monthly View
[27/11/2018] G Presents Lover's Collection - LOV-18B-4 Series (NOV)
- LOV-18B-4A, DW-D5600LF-4W, BGD-560LF-4W
[27/11/2018] G Presents Lover's Collection - LOV-18A-7A Series (NOV)
- LOV-18A-7A, AW-591LF-7AV, BGA-150LF-7AV
[27/11/2018] G-Shock: DW-5900-1 Series (NOV) - DW-5900-1
[20/11/2018] G-Shock: Bi-color bands - Navy blue and Sax blue Series (NOV)
- DW-5600CC-2, GA-110CC-2A, GA-400CC-2A, GA-800CC-2A
[20/11/2018] G-Shock: STEEL - GST-B100XB-2A, GST-B100G-2A Series (NOV)
- GST-B100XB-2A, GST-B100G-2A
[20/11/2018] G-Shock: All-black matte model Series (NOV)
- DW-5900BB-1, G-001BB-1, DW-6900BBA-1, DW-D5500BB-1
[20/11/2018] G-Shock: G-SQUAD - GBA-800DG Series (NOV)
- GBA-800DG-1A, GBA-800DG-2A, GBA-800DG-7A, GBA-800DG-9A
[20/11/2018] G-Shock: BRIGHT ORANGE COLOR Series (NOV)
- GA-100BR-1A, GA-700BR-1A, GA-800BR-1A, GAS-100BR-1A
[19/11/2018] Baby-G: G-SQUAD - BSA-B100MF Series (NOV)
- BSA-B100MF-1A, BSA-B110MF-7A
[19/11/2018] Baby-G: Outdoor Colors - BGA-255 Series (NOV) - BGA-255-5A
[19/11/2018] Baby-G: Pink Gold Index - BA-110RG Series (NOV)
- BA-110RG-1A, BA-110RG-4A, BA-110RG-7A
[19/11/2018] Baby-G: Graffiti Design - BGD-560SK Series (NOV)
- BGD-560SK-1, BGD-560SK-4, BGD-560SK-7
[14/11/2018] Edifice: Sapphire crystal - EFR-S565D Series (NOV)
- EFR-S565D-1AV, EFR-S565D-7AV, EFR-S565L-1AV, EFR-S565L-2AV
[14/11/2018] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals - SHE-3066PG, SHE-3066PGL Series (NOV)
- SHE-3066PG-2A, SHE-3066PG-4A, SHE-3066PGL-4A, SHE-3066PGL-7A, SHE-3066PGL-7B
[14/11/2018] Sheen: Swarovski Crystals - SHE-4052PG, SHE-4052PGL Series (NOV)
- SHE-4052PG-2A, SHE-4052PG-4A, SHE-4052PGL-4A, SHE-4052PGL-7A, SHE-4052PGL-7B
[14/11/2018] Beside: Slim Case - BEM-SL100D Series (NOV)
- BEM-SL100D-1A, BEM-SL100D-2A, BEM-SL100D-3A, BEM-SL100D-5A
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-1384BL Series (NOV)
- MTP-1384BL-1AV, MTP-1384BL-1A2V
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-E303 Series (NOV)
- MTP-E303B-1AV, MTP-E303B-1A2V, MTP-E303BL-1AV, MTP-E303BL-1A2V
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-E120DY, MTP-E120LY Series (NOV)
- MTP-E120DY-1AV, MTP-E120DY-2AV, MTP-E120DY-7AV, MTP-E120LY-1AV, MTP-E120LY-2AV, MTP-E120LY-7AV
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-E320DY, MTP-E320LY Series (NOV)
- MTP-E320DY-1AV, MTP-E320DY-2AV, MTP-E320DY-7AV, MTP-E320LY-1AV, MTP-E320LY-2AV, MTP-E320LY-7AV
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: MEN'S STANDARD ANALOG - MTP-SW320 Series (NOV)
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES'S STANDARD ANALOG - LTP-2088D, LTP-2088L Series (NOV)
- LTP-2088D-1A2V, LTP-2088D-2A1V, LTP-2088D-2A2V, LTP-2088D-4AV, LTP-2088L-2AV, LTP-2088L-4A2V, LTP-2088L-9AV
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES'S STANDARD ANALOG - LTP-2089D, LTP-2089L Series (NOV)
- LTP-2089D-2AV, LTP-2089D-4AV, LTP-2089D-7A2V, LTP-2089L-2AV, LTP-2089L-4AV, LTP-2089L-7AV
[14/11/2018] Standard Analog: LADIES'S ANALOG - LTP-E156M Series (NOV) - LTP-E156M-7A
Year 2012 News
[21/12/2012] G-Shock: Gravity Defier GW-A1000FC Series (DEC)                                DEC Monthly View
[21/12/2012] G-Shock: 30th Anniversary Limited Edition - G-8900DGK-7 Series (DEC)
[21/12/2012] G-Shock: Metallic Shadow - GA-300 Series (DEC)
[21/12/2012] Standard Analog: LADIES standard Analog - LRW-250H Series (DEC)
[21/12/2012] Standard Analog: LADIES - LTP-1366D, LTP-1367D, LTP-1368D Series (DEC)
[29/11/2012] Sheen: SHE-3802D, SHE-3802L, SHE-3802GL Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] Baby-G: KE$HA collaboration model - BGA-160KS-7B Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] Baby-G: Neon Illuminator - BGA-300, BGA-301 Series (NOV)                                NOV Monthly View
[29/11/2012] Baby-G: Girls' Generation BGA-300 & BGA-153M (NOV)
[29/11/2012] Baby-G: Shiny Dial Series - BGD-141 Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] G-Shock: Multiband 6 Classical - GW-M5610 Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012]  G-Shock: Man in Navy Blue Series GR-7900NV-2,GR-8900NV-2,G-5600NV-2,AWR-M100NV-2 (NOV)
[29/11/2012] G-Shock: G-LIDE - G-Shock: G-LIDE, CORDURA fabric street fashion GLS-100 (NOV)
[29/11/2012] G-Shock: 30th Anniversary Gravity Defier GW-A1030A-1A Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] G-Shock: 30th Anniversary BURTON GDF-100BTN-1 Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] G Presents Lover's Collection Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] Edifice: ACTIVE RACING LINE - EF-343 Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] Sheen: CRUISE LINE - SHE-5513L Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] Sheen: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS SHE-5018L, SHE-4028 Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] Standard Analog: Refreshingly simple design - MTP-1365D Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] Standard Analog: LADIES, Refreshingly simple design - LTP-1365D Series (NOV)
[29/11/2012] Digital-Analog: Sports Gear, Twin Sensor - SGW-500HD Series (NOV)
[28/10/2012] G-Shock: Luxurious Crocodie Texture- DW-6900CR Series (OCT)                                OCT Monthly View
[28/10/2012] G-Shock: 30TH ANNIVERSARY - ERIC HAZE GA-110EH-8A Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] G-Shock: CLOT Collaboration Model - DW-6900CL-4 Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] G-Shock: Color Vintage Series - G-001CB Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] G-Shock: Rose gold color accented model - GAC-100RG Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] G-Shock: Navy Blue GW-7900NV, GW-8900NV, GW-M5610NV, AWG-M100NV Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Baby-G: Baby-G: Colorful Combination - BGA-141 Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Protrek: Camouflage Pattern Belt- PRG-550B-5, PRG-240R-5 Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Oceanus: Smart Access Model - OCW-S2400, OCW-OCW-S2400PG Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Edifice: Active Racing line - EFR-523 Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Edifice: Edifice Sheen Pair Design Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Sheen: SWAROVSKI ELEMENT - SHE-3024, SHE-3025 Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Sheen: Tonneau-shaped case looks - SHE-4027D Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Sheen: CRUISE LINE, Ceramic Bezel - SHE-4505D Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Sheen: CRUISE LINE, Ceramic Bezel - SHE-5517D Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Standard Analog: LADIES' STANDARD ANALOG - LTP-1362,LTP-1363,LTP-1364 Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Standard Analog: Unique Face Design - MTP-1350 Series (OCT)
[28/10/2012] Standard Analog: MTP-1351, MTP-1352, MTP-1353, MTP-1354 Series (OCT)
[22/09/2012] G-Shock: Highly Intricate Face - GAC-100 Series                                 SEP Monthly View
[22/09/2012] G-Shock: Gravity Defier, Triple G Resist- GW-A1000A Series
[22/09/2012] G-Shock: Metallic finish face - GD-110 Series
[21/09/2012] Baby-G: Elegant Fashion - BG-6900, BG-6901 Series
[21/09/2012] Edifice: Active Racing Line - EF-342D Series
[21/09/2012] Standard Digital: 10-year battery life - AE-1200WH, AE-1200WHD Series
[21/09/2012] Standard Analog: LTP-1360, LTP-1361 Series
[20/09/2012] Edifice: Exterior style - EQS-A500DB, EQS-A500B Series
[20/09/2012] Edifice: Magnetic resistant - EF-135D Series
[20/09/2012] Edifice: Red Bull Racing Limited Edition - EQS-A500RB-1AV Series
[19/09/2012] Analog-Digital: Prayer Compass - CPW-500 Series
[19/09/2012] Protrek: PRG-S510, PRG-550BD, PRG-250BD Series
[31/08/2012] Standard Digital: Ladies' LW-202H                                AUG Monthly View
[31/08/2012] Standard Analog: Ladies' LTP-1358, LTP-1359 Series
[31/08/2012] Standard Analog: Diver Look - MTD-1073 Series
[30/08/2012] Beside: Elegant look BEM-508, BEM-509 Series
[30/08/2012] Edifice: EF-133D, EF-133D, EFR-521D, EFR-522D Series
[30/08/2012] Edifice: Red Bull Racing Limited Edition - EFR-520RB-1A
[29/08/2012] Oceanus: OCW-T1000F-2A, OCW-S100F-2A Series
[28/08/2012] Protrek: Solid Titanium Band, Multiband6 - PRW-5050T-7
[28/08/2012] Protrek: Solid Titanium Band - PRG-505T-7 Series
[28/08/2012] Baby-G: Rose Gold Color Accented Model - BG-169G Series
[28/08/2012] G-Shock: Gravity Defier - GW-3500B, GW-4000 Series
[28/08/2012] G-Shock: Rose Gold Color Accented Model
- GA-110RG, GA-120RG Series
[28/08/2012] G-Shock: Metallic finish face - DW-6900MF, GA-150MF Series
[21/07/2012] Baby-G: G-LIDE, Tide Graph, BLX-103 Series                                JUL Monthly View
[21/07/2012] Protrek: Triple Sensor, Multiband 6, PRW-5100-1B Series
[21/07/2012] Sheen: feminine Pink Gold, SWAROVSKI ELEMENT
SHN-5000SG-4A, SHE-4022SG-4A, SHE-4021SG-4A Series
[20/07/2012] Edifice: NEO Bright, Sapphire glass, EFB-100D, EFB-300D, EFB-500D Series
[20/07/2012] Edifice: NEO Bright, Solar Powered, EFB-503SBD Series
[19/07/2012] Standard Digital: W-202, B640WD, B640WC Series
[19/07/2012] Standard Analog: LTP-1353D, LTP-1354L, LTP-1355D, LTP-1356D, LTP-1357D Series
[29/06/2012] Protrek: Smart Access, multiband6 - PRX-7001T-7                                JUN Monthly View
[29/06/2012] Oceanus: Multiband6, Elegance, Smart Access - OCW-T1010-1A
[29/06/2012] Protrek: Triple Sensor, camouflage pattern belt - PRG-250B-3
[29/06/2012] G-Shock: G-Shock X Maharishi First Limited Edition, collaborative timepiece, - GA-110MH-7A Series
[29/06/2012] G-Shock: G-LIDE X In4mation Hawaiian-based Tide, Moon Graph, GLX-150X-7 Series
[22/06/2012] G-Shock: Bold basic black, RISEMAN, GULFMAN, G-9200BW-1, GR-9110BW-1, DW-6900BW-1 Series
[22/06/2012] G-Shock: G-Lide, Wave Ceptor - GWX-8900-1, GWX-8900B-7
[22/06/2012] G-Shock, Gravity Defier, Triple G Resist, Smart Access - GW-A1000-1A, GW-A1000D-1A Series
[22/06/2012] Standard Digital: Retro design, LA670WA-2 Series
[22/06/2012] Standard Analog: Diver look - LTD-2000D Series
[22/06/2012] Standard Analog: Ppetite diver look design - LTD-2001D Series
[21/06/2012] Standard Analog: Easy-to-use design - MTP-1344AL, MTP-1344AD Series
[21/06/2012] Standard Analog: Easy-to-use design - MTP-1345AD, MTP-1346D, MTP-1347D series
[21/06/2012] Sheen: Fine resin bracelet - SHE-3023 series
[21/06/2012] Sheen: Cruise Line - SHE-3501SBD Series
[21/06/2012] Sheen: Solar powered - SHE-4025SB, SHE-4026SBD
[21/06/2012] Sheen: Fine resin bracelet - SHE-4024 series
[20/065/2012] G-Shock, Man in Earth Tone, Riseman, Rulfman, Mudman,
- GW-9200ERJ-3, GW-9110ER-2, GW-9300ER-5 Series
[20/06/2012] G-Shock, Bold basic black, Wave Ceptor, RISEMAN, GULFMAN,
- GW-9200BWJ-1, GW-9110BW-1, AWG-M100BW-1A Series
[30/05/2012] G-Shock: Reggae styles and color - G-001RF-9, G-7900RF-1, GD-100RF-4, GA-110RF-9A Series
[30/05/2012] G-Shock: Bold Basic black - GD-100BW, GA-150BW-1A, GA-200BW-1A Series
[30/05/2012] Protrek: Tough Solar, Triple Sensor - PRG-550 Series
[21/05/2012] Baby-G: Neon Illuminato Series - BGA-160                                MAY Monthly View
[21/05/2012] Baby-G: adult-oriented design - BGA-153-1B, BGA-152-7B1, BGA-152-7B2 Series
[21/05/2012] Baby-G: G-LIDE, Marine, Erica Hosseini - BLX-5600 Series
[21/05/2012] Edifice: A step closer to the circuit - EQW-A1110D-1A, EQW-A1110DB-1A, EQW-A11110DC-1A Series
[21/05/2012] Edifice: Chronograph - EFR-519 Series
[21/05/2012] Edifice: carbon fiber dial - EFR-520 Series
[31/05/2012] EMI: Standard Keyboards, Play music without limits! - WK-225
[31/05/2012] EMI: Standard Keyboards, Play music without limits! - WK-220
[18/05/2012] EMI: Key Lighting Keyboards - LK-280
[18/05/2012] EMI: Key Lighting Keyboards - LK-240
[02/05/2012] EMI: Mini Keyboards, Big fun! High quality tones, - SA-78
[02/05/2012] EMI: Mini Keyboards, Compact and tasteful design! - SA-77
[23/04/2012] Edifice: wave ceptor,multiband6- EQW-T720,EQW-T610 Series                                APR Monthly View
[23/04/2012] Oceanus: Multiband6, Tough solar, OCW-S2000P-2A Series
[23/04/2012] Baby-G: Neon Illuminator BGA-134 Series
[23/04/2012] G-Shock: MT-G, wave ceptor, tough solar, MTG-1200 Series
[23/04/2012] G-Shock: Man series earth tone models Series
- GF-8250ER-2, G-9200ER-3, GR-9110ER-2, G-9300ER-5
[23/04/2012] Sheen: Cruise Line - SHE-3500M, SHE-4501 Series
[23/04/2012] Sheen: SWAROVSKI ELEMENT, she-4024l, she-3023 Series
[23/04/2012] Sheen: Cruise Line - SHE-4502, SHE-4503Series
[23/04/2012] G-Shock: Chiseled 3D look - GA-150A Series
[23/04/2012] G Presents Lover's Collection 2011 Series
- LOV-11A-7ADR, LOV-11B-1BDR
[23/04/2012] G-Shock: Metal-like finish DW-6900HM Series
[20/04/2012] Standard Analog: Ladies' Metal - LTP-1343, LTP-1344 Series
[20/04/2012] G-Shock: Fashionable colors G-001SN-2, DW-5600SN-1,
GA-110SN-3A, GA-110SN-7A Series
[20/04/2012] Baby-G: G-LIDE Marine design -BLX-102 Series
[18/04/2012] Standard Analog: Ladies' Metal - LTP-1343, LTP-1344 Series
[28/03/2012] Oceanus: Tough Solar, Wave Ceptor - OCW-S100 Series                                       MAR Monthly View
[28/03/2012] Edifice: Tough Solar, Wave Ceptor - EQW-T610D Series
[28/03/2012] Edifice: Tough Solar, Wave Ceptor - EQW-T1010D Series
[28/03/2012] G-Shock: Big-face, Analog-digital - GA-150 Series
[28/03/2012] Standard Analog: LTP-1348, LTP-1349, LTP-1350, LTP-1351, LTP-1352 Series
[28/03/2012] Data Bank: DB-380, DB-380G Series
[28/03/2012] Analog-digital combination: AQ-S810W Series
[28/03/2012] Baby-G: BGA-150, BGA-151 Series
[28/03/2012] G-Shock: AWR-M100, AWR-M100A, AWR-M100B Series
[28/03/2012] G-Shock: G-SHOCK MAN BOX GD-100PS-3JR Series
[28/03/2012] G-Shock: Neon Genesis Evangelion - GA-110EV-6AJR Series
[17/02/2012] Baby-G: Monotone designs - BLX-100-1F, BG-5606-1, BG-5606-7 Series
[17/02/2012] G-Shock: Mirror-like finish - DW-6900MR Series                                       FEB Monthly View
[17/02/2012] G-Shock: Monotone designs
- DW-5600BB-1, GDF-100BB-1, GA-120BB-1A,  DW-6900WW-7, GD-100WW-7 Series
[17/02/2012] Baby-G: Monotone designs - BLX-100-1F, BG-5606-1, BG-5606-7 Series
[17/02/2012] G-Shock: New hand movement function - AWG-M100 Series
[16/02/2012] Edifice: Large,easy-to-read Arabic numerals - EF-132PB Series
[16/02/2012] Beside: Multiple hands,Genuine leather band - BEM-308 Series
[16/02/2012] Data Bank: 25 page Telememo - DBC-611-1, DBC-611G-1 Series
[15/02/2012] Standard Digita: Sporty design - HDD-S100 Series
[15/02/2012] Standard Analog: Diver Look - MTD-1072 Series
[15/02/2012] Standard Analog: Ladies' Diver Look - LRW-200H Series
[14/02/2012] Standard Analog: Simple design, hand colors - MTP-1342L, MTP-1343L Series
[14/02/2012] Standard Analog: Fieminine design - LTP-1345, LTP-1346, LTP-1347 Series
[18/01/2012] Baby-G: Neon Illumination - BGA-133 Series
[22/12/2011] G-Shock: Olive Drab Color (Army Green)
- G-5600KG-3, G-6900KG-3, GR-7900KG-3, GX-56KG-3 Series
                                       DEC Monthly View
[22/12/2011] G-Shock: Gravity Defier, Tripble G Resist - G-1400 Series
[23/12/2011] Baby-G: Small hand combination - BGA-140 Series
[20/12/2011] Sheen: Gwei Lun-Mei Limited Edition - SHE-5515BD-1A Series
[20/12/2011] Sheen: Cruise Line - SHE-5515D-7A Series
[20/12/2011] Sheen: Chronograph, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS - SHE-5024BL Series
[19/12/2011] Edifice, Sheen: his-and-her matching pairs - EFR-517L, SHE-5023L Series
[19/12/2011] Edifice: Multiple-dial design - EF-339BK, EF-339G Series
[19/12/2011] Protrek: Triple Sensor, Multiband6 - PRW-5100YT-1B Series
[24/11/2011] G-Shock: High value combination GA-200 & GA-201 Series                                       NOV Monthly View
[24/11/2011] G-Shock: Parra's model - DW-5600PR-4 Series
[24/11/2011] G-Shock: Dee and Ricky - GA-111DR-7A Series
[24/11/2011] G-Shock: Crazy Colors - GA-110FC Series
[24/11/2011] Baby-G: Rebecca Minkoff collaboration model - BGA-125RM-1AJR
[23/11/2011] Baby-G: Black × Pink BGA-107, BLX-100 Series
[23/11/2011] Baby-G: G-LIDE Series - GLX-101 Series
[23/11/2011] Baby-G: CASKET, Analog-Digital - BGA-200 Series
[23/11/2011] Baby-G: CASKET, Analog-Digital - BGD-140 Series
[23/11/2011] Oceanus: Smart Access Model - OCW-S2000 Series
[22/11/2011] Standard Analog: Unique face design - MTP-1339, MTP-1340, MTP-1341 Series
[22/11/2011] Standard Analog: LADIES - LTP-1340D, LTP-1341D, LTP-1342D Series
[22/11/2011] Edifice: Chronograph, Luminescent color - EFR-515 & EFR-516 Series
[22/11/2011] Edifice: Chronograph, Slide rule - EFR-507 Series
[22/11/2011] Edifice: Chronograph, Slide rule - EFR-513 Series
[21/11/2011] Protrek: Triple Sensor (PRG-250) Series
[21/11/2011] G-Shock: Gravity Defier - GW-4000 Series
[21/11/2011] G-Shock: Olive Drab Color Models - Wave Ceptor Serie
[26/10/2011] G-Shock: Legendary DW-001 model - G-001 Series                                       OCT Monthly View
[26/10/2011] G-Shock: Globe United by Fate - GRX-5600GE-1 Series
[26/10/2011] G-Shock: New front button design model - G-8900 Series
[26/10/2011] Baby-G: Ever-popular model BG-5601 & BG-3000 Series
[25/10/2011] Edifice: Chronograph, big face - EFR-512 Series
[25/10/2011] Edifice & Sheen: His-and-Her matching pairs - EFR-511 & SHE-4023D Series
[25/10/2011] Edifice: Wave ceptor model - EQW-550D & EQW-560DB Series
[25/10/2011] Protrek: Triple Sensor, wave ceptor model - PRW-2500 Series
[25/10/2011] Standard Analog: Multi-dial big face model - MTP-1338D Series
[24/10/2011] Sheen: Cruise Line (Swarovski Elements) SHE-4500D Series
[24/10/2011] Sheen: Cruise Line (Swarovski Elements) SHE-5516 Series
[24/10/2011] Sheen: Chronograph (Swarovski Elements) SHE-5021D & SHE-5022D Series
[24/10/2011] Sheen: Chronograph (Swarovski Elements) SHE-5020 Series
[24/10/2011] Sheen: Gwei Lun-Mei Limited Edition SHE-5020BL-1A Series
[17/09/2011] G-Shock: Gravity Defier, G-1250G & G-1200G Series                                       SEP Monthly View
[17/09/2011] G-Shock: Multiband 6, high-luminosity LED, GW-8900 & GW-8900A Series
[17/09/2011] G-Shock: High-Luminosity LED, tough solar GR-8900 & GR-8900A Series
[17/09/2011] G-Shock: Men in Smoky Gray (Wave Ceptor) GW-9110GY-1, GW-9200GYJ-1, GW-9300GY-1 Series
[17/09/2011] SEP 2011 - G-Shock: Men in Smoky gray GR-9110GY-1, G-9200GYJ-1, G-9300GY-1 Series
[16/09/2011] Baby-G: Neon Illuminator BGA-132 Series
[16/09/2011] Baby-G: KE$HA Limited Editied, BG-5600KS-7 & BGA-200KS-1E Series
[16/09/2011] Protrek: Triple Sensor, Tough Solar, PRG-250T-7 Series
[16/09/2011] Protrek: Triple Sensor, Wave Ceptorr, PRW-2500T-7 Series
[16/09/2011] Protrek: Triple Sensor, replaceable band, PRG-510GB & PRG-200GB Series
[15/09/2011] Edifice: Tough Solar, 5 independent motors EQS-A1000DB-1 Series
[15/09/2011] Edifice: Red Bull Racing Limited Edition EQS-A1000RB Series
[15/09/2011] Edifice: Wave Ceptor, EQW-A1000DB, EQW-A1000DC & EQW-A1000B Series
[14/09/2011] Beside: Chronograph, elegant look, BEM-506 & BEM-507 Series
[14/09/2011] Analog-Digital: Comination, Tough Solar, AQ-S800WD & AQ-S800W Series
[14/09/2011] Standard Digital: Square face, LED backlight, water resistant, A159WA-9 & A159WGEA-1 Series
[14/09/2011] Standard Analog: Ladies' Standard Analog LTP-1337, LTP-1338D & LTP-1339 Series
[17/08/2011] G-Shock: Motorcycle sports motif GA-120 Series                                       AUG Monthly View
[17/08/2011] G-Shock: Extra-Large, analog-digital, GA-100B Series
[17/08/2011] G-Shock: Nigel Sylvester Limited Edition-GD-100NS-7 Series
[17/08/2011] G-Shock: MAT DIAL - DW-6900SN Series
[17/08/2011] Baby-G: CASKET BGA-200LP Series
[17/08/2011] Baby-G: G-LIDE BG-1006SA, BLX-100 Series
[17/08/2011] Baby-G: Combination digital-analog BGA-110 Series
[17/08/2011] Edifice: Multiple-dial design - EF-341D, EF-341L Series
[17/08/2011] Standard Digital: Solar Powered sporty - W-S220 Series
[17/08/2011] Standard Digital: 10-year batery life - W-734 Series
[17/08/2011] Standard Digital: Solar Powered AL-190W Series
[17/08/2011] Standard Digtial: LADIES' Standart digital LA-20WH Series
[17/08/2011] Standard Analog: DIVER LOOK NRW-200H Series
[17/08/2011] Edifice: Chronograph, Slide rule EFR-506D Series
[17/08/2011] Edifice: Retrograde, partial ion plated EFR-510 Series
[17/08/2011] G-Shock: Gravity Defier GW-3000G and GW-3500 Series
[17/08/2011] Oceanus: Wave Ceptor, Multiband6 - OCW-T1000E and OCW-T100TE Series
[17/08/2011] Protrek: Multiband6, dual-layer - PRW-2500-1 Series
[17/08/2011] Protrek: Triple Sensor, dual-layer - PRG-250-1 Series
[18/07/2011] G-Shock: MUDMAN WAVE CEPTOR GW-9300 Series                                       JUL Monthly View
[17/07/2011] Protrek: Triple Sensor, Wave ceptor (PRW-5100) Series
[17/07/2011] Sheen: Cruise Line SHE-5514D Series
[16/07/2011] Beside: Multiple-dial design - BEM-307 Series
[16/07/2011] Edifice: Red Bull Racing Limited Edition Series
[16/07/2011] Edifice: Gold ion-plating finish - EFR-508G, EFR-509G Series
[15/07/2011] Standard Analog: His-and-her pairs Series
[15/07/2011] Standard Analog: Popular square face MTP-1337D Series
[18/06/2011] G-Shock: Mudman G-9300-1 Series                                                               JUN Monthly View
[18/06/2011] G-Shock: GARISH BLACK COLLECTION Series
- GD-100GB-1, GDF-100GB-1, GA-110GB-1A, GX-56GB-1, G-9300GB-1
[18/06/2011] G-Shock: Extra-Large (Multiband6) GXW-56GB-1 Series
[18/06/2011] Baby-G: Neon Dial - BGA-131, BGA-130 Series
[18/06/2011] Baby-G: Ecology-minded - BGR-300EM Series
[17/06/2011] Edifice: Sleek and modern design EFR-504D, EFR-505D Series
[17/06/2011] Edifice: Elegant multiple-dial design - EF-336L Series
[17/06/2011] DURO200: MDV-106D & Series
[16/06/2011] DURO200: MDV-303D Series
[16/06/2011] Protrek: PRG-510 & PRG-510T Series
[15/06/2011] Standard Analog: Distinctively unique look - MTP-1326 Series
[15/06/2011] Standard Analog: powerful two-bezel - MTP-1327 Series
[15/06/2011] Standard analog: Distinctive bezel with embedded resin
- MTP-1328D,MTP-1329D & MTP-1330 Series
[19/05/2011] G-Shock: Hyper colors GD-100HC, G-001HC, GA-110HC Series                         MAY Monthly View
[19/05/2011] G-Shock: G-LIDE GRX-5600A and GLX-6900A Series
[19/05/2011] G-Shock: G-LIDE x IN4MATION GLX-6900XA-9 Series
[18/05/2011] Baby-G: Composite Line - BGA-123, BGA-124 Series
[18/05/2011] Baby-G: Multi Color Dial - BGA-101 Series
[18/05/2011] Baby-G: CASKET BGA-201 Series
[18/05/2011] Baby-G: Summer Pastel BGA-200 & BGD-100 Series
[17/05/2011] Edifice: Chronograph EFR-502D, EFR-503D Series
[17/05/2011] Edifice: Chronograph EFR-501 Series
[16/05/2011] Ladies' Standard Analog-LTP-1332,LTP-1333,LTP-1334 Series
[18/04/2011] G-Shock: Frogman GF-1000 Series                                                                 APR Monthly View
[18/04/2011] Baby-G: Multi Color Dial Series
[18/04/2011] Edifice: Chronograph (Red Bull Racing) EFE-504 Series
[18/04/2011] Edifice: Multi-layered face design EFE-565 Series
[18/04/2011] Edifice and Sheen: His-and-her matching pairs Series
[18/04/2011] Edifice: Simple, easy-to-use design EF-338 Series
[16/04/2011] Sheen: Cruise Line SHE-5512 Series
[16/04/2011] Sheen: Chronograph SHE-5017 Series
[16/04/2011] Sheen: Petit, feminine design SHE-4021D Series
[16/04/2011] Sheen: Solar powered, cool design - SHE-3022SBD Series
[16/04/2011] Sheen: Gwei Lun-Mei Limited Edition SHE-5513D-7A
[15/04/2011] Analog-Digital: Combination - Distinctive face Series
[15/04/2011] Standard Analog: Paired Models - SET-11 Series
[15/04/2011] Standard Analog: Colourful metallic designs Series
[18/03/2011] Edifice: Chronograph EF-564D Series                                                            MAR Monthly View
[18/03/2011] Edifice: Chronograph EF-566D Series
[18/03/2011] G-Shock: Extra Large GD-200 Series
[18/03/2011] Standard Analog: MTP-1325D, LTP-1325D Series
[18/03/2011] Edifice: Carbon fiber EFA-133D Series
[18/03/2011] Standard Analog: MTP-1325D, LTP-1325D Series
[18/03/2011] G-Shock: Triple Sensor GDF-100
[18/03/2011] G-Shock: Men in Dark Burple Series
[18/03/2011] G-Shock: Men in Dark Burple - Wave Ceptor Series
[18/03/2011] G-Shock: Gravity Defier - Wave Ceptor Series
[18/03/2011] Oceanus: Smart Access Model - OCW-T1000B
[17/02/2011] G-Shock: Metallic Colors DW-6900NB Series                                                    FEB Monthly View
[17/02/2011] Baby-G: Cute, flower colors BG-1005M Series
[17/02/2011] Baby-G: G-LIDE BLX-100 Series
[17/02/2011] G-Shock: Green collection G-6900EW, GR-7900EW Series
[16/02/2011] Edifice: Retrograde dial EFE-505D Series
[16/02/2011] Edifice: Carbon fiber bezel EFE-506D Series
[16/02/2011] Edifice: Tough Solar powered Series
[15/02/2011] Standard Digital: 10-Year Battery life SDB-100 Series
[15/02/2011] Analog-Digital: Combination AW-90H Series
[15/02/2011] Outgear: SPORTS GEAR SGW-400 Series
[15/02/2011] Standard Digital: 10-Year Battery life AE-1100 Series
[15/02/2011] POPTONE: Sporty color selection LDF-52 Series
[15/02/2011] Standard Digital: Retro design LA670WGA Series
[14/02/2011] Standard Analog: LADIES' LTP-1316 - LTP-1324 Series
[14/02/2011] Standard Analog: MTP-1316 - MTP-1319 Series
[20/01/2011] G-Shock: Stealth, toughness GD-100MS Series                                                JAN Monthly View
[19/01/2011] G-Shock: High-brightness LED Backlight GD-100SC Series
[18/01/2011] G-Shock: Analog-digital Combination GA-110 Series