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Sheen: Chronograph (Swarovski Elements) SHE-5020 Series (OCT)
Sheen: Cruise Line (Swarovski Elements) SHE-5516 Series (OCT)
Protrek: Triple Sensor, wave ceptor model - PRW-2500 Series (OCT)
G-Shock: Motorcycle sports motif GA-120 Series (AUG)
G-Shock: Extra-Large, analog-digital, GA-100B Series (AUG)
G-Shock: Hyper Colors - Black & White Series (AUG)
Sheen: Cruise Line SHE-5514D Series (JUL)
G-Shock: MUDMAN WAVE CEPTOR GW-9300 Series (JUL)
Baby-G: Neon Dial - BGA-131, BGA-130 Series (JUN)
G-Shock: Mudman G-9300-1 Series (JUN)
Baby-G: CASKET BGA-201 Series (MAY)
G-Shock: Hyper colors GD-100HC, G-001HC, GA-110HC Series (MAY)
Sheen: Solar powered, cool design - SHE-3022SBD Series (APR)
Sheen: Chronograph SHE-5018 Series (APR)
G-Shock: Men in dark purple - Wave Ceptor Series (MAR)
G-Shock: Resist Material GD-200 Series (MAR
G-Shock: Twin sensor GDF-100 Series (MAR)
Baby-G: G-LIDE BLX-100 Series (JAN)
G-Shock: Hyper Colors Series (JAN)
 G-Shock: Extra Large GD-100SC Series (JAN)
 G-Shock X Subcrew DW-6900SCR-3 (SEP)
 G-Shock: Extra Large GD-100 (SEP)
 G-Shock: Gravity-Extra GX-56 Series (AUG)
 G-Shock: Hyper color GA-110C Series (AUG)
 G-Shock: Mat Black Red eye Series (AUG)
 Baby-G: HELLZ Series (AUG)
 G-Shock: RM carbon fiber GW-S5600B Series (AUG)
 G-Shock: Dee & Ricky collaboration-GA-110DR-1A (JUL)
 G-Shock, Baby-G: Green Collection Series (JUL)
 G-Shock: Gulfman GW-9110 Series (JUL)
G-Shock: G-LIDE GLX-6900 Series (JUN)
G-Shock: GIEZ GS-1300M-1A Series (JUN)
Oceanus: Tough Movement OCW-P600 Series (JUN)
Oceanus: Tough Movement OCW-P100TD Series (JUN)
Sheen: Gorgous designs - SHN-5012 Series (JUN)
G-Shock: IN4MATION Series (MAY)
G-Shock: Master of G - FROGMAN Series (MAY)
G-Shock: Hyper Colors - GA-110 Series (APR)
G-Shock: Gravity Defier - GW-3000 Series (APR)
Baby-G: CASKET BGA-200 Series Series (APR)
Baby-G: REEF BG-120P Series (APR)
Oceanus: Tough Movement OCW-T410 Series (APR)
Protrek: Tough Movement PRW-5000 Series (APR)
Protrek: Triple Sensor, Analog-digital - PRG-500 (APR)
G-Shock: Men in Earth Blue Series (MAR)
G-Shock: C-Cubed C3 G-8100C Series (MAR)
G-Shock: GA-100 Series (MTR ADV.) (FEB)
G-Shock: Crazy Colors DW-6900CB Series (FEB)
Digital Camera Exilim - EX-G1 (JAN)
Digital Camera Exilim - EX-H10 (JAN)
Digital Camera Exilim - EX-Z330 (JAN)
Digital Camera Exilim - EX-Z90 (JAN)
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G-Shock Baby-G ( G-SHOCK MAN BOX ) Series (DEC)
G-Shock: Master of G - FROGMAN GWF-1000 Series (DEC)
G-SHOCK (Tough Movement-MTG-1100)(DEC)
Protrek ( Triple Sensor PRG-110C ) (DEC)
Protrek ( Triple Sensor PRG-130Y ) (DEC)
Oceanus: Tough Movement - OCW-S1400 Series (DEC)
Oceanus: Tough Movement - OCW-T750TD Series (DEC)
Show ALL Model (NOV)
G-SHOCK & Baby-G: G Presents Lover's Collection Series Series (NOV)
G-Shock: GIEZ GS-1300 & GS-1300 Series (NOV)
G-Shock: Standard Favorite - MULTIBAND 6 GW-2310 Series (NOV)
G-Shock: Vintage Colors Series (NOV)
Baby-G: Star Motif Models Series (NOV)
Show ALL Model (OCT) Sheen: Cruise Line Series (OCT)
Baby-G: Gemmy Dial Series (OCT)
G-Shock: Crazy Colors Series (OCT)
Edifice: Sebastian Vettel Limited Edition - EQW-M1000SV Series (OCT)
Show ALL Model (SEP) Protrek: Ultra-Thin,Multiband 6 Limited Edition - PRX-2000YT Series (SEP)
Edifice: Sebastian Vettel Limited Edition - EF-535SVSP Series (SEP)
Oceanus: Transpacific Yacht Race 2009 Commemorative Edition Series (SEP)
G-Shock: Men in Mat Black Series (SEP)
Baby-G: CASKET - Cool rock styling Series (SEP)
Baby-G: 200m water resistant models Series (SEP)
Baby-G: Gemmy Dial Series (SEP)
Baby-G: Waterside Resorts Series (SEP)
Baby-G: Cloth band designs Series (SEP)
G-SHOCK Tide Graph & Moon Phase - GW-7900 (SEP)
G-Shock: Toughness G-7900 Series (AUG)
G-Shock: Crazy Colors Series (AUG)
G-Shock: NYC TYO Series (AUG)