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Casio Introduces New EDIFICE Metal Watches with
Solid and Sophisticated Design

Three Models Featuring Slim, Simple, and Sporty Styling Added To Popular Solid Urban Line

  • April 24, 2013


TOKYO, April 24, 2013 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of three newEFB-505 watches to its Solid Urban Line in the EDIFICE series of metal watches designed underthe concept of "Speed and Intelligence."

Casio has been developing the EDIFICE series since 2000. EDIFICE watches have becomepopular with young people for their original face designs and wide range of time measurementfunctions based on the company's original technologies. Designed with the same dynamicappearance and functionality of EDIFICE watches, the Solid Urban Line, launched in 2012,features a simple design and high-quality feel that complement today's sophisticated urbanlifestyles. These models have gained a strong reputation among male adults in particular.

The EFB-505 chronograph watches, new additions to the Solid Urban Line, employ sapphirecrystal for the watch face glass and a sharp-edged, solid-looking metal case only 10 millimeters inthickness. The bezel features a mirror finish that emphasizes the solid feel and refinedappearance of this slim-styled EDIFICE watch.

The new watches also feature a big, simple watch face equipped with prominent metal partsincluding large hour indicators and disk indicators at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions.Together with the large operational buttons, these features give the EFB-505 watches a sportylook characteristic of the EDIFICE series. They are also fully equipped with functions, including a1/20-second stopwatch.

The new model comes in three different styles: the EFB-505D-1AVU featuring a black face andmetal wristband, the EFB-505D-7AVU with a white face and metal wristband, and theEFB-505L-1AVU with a black face and leather wristband.

Face Color



Water Resistance
100 meters
1/20-second stopwatch; measuring capacity: 11:59'59.95"; measuringmode: elapsed time; split time; 1st-2nd place times
Other Functions
Date display; tachymeter
Accuracy at Normal Temperature
±20 seconds per month
Battery Life
Approx. 3 years on SR927SW
Size of Case
47.5 × 42.5 × 10.0 mm
Total Weight
To be advised